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Patch: variadic "any" function fix (from 2012-11)

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CommitFest 2013-01
Topic Server Features
Patch Status Committed
Author Pavel Stehule
Reviewers Vik Reykja, Stephen Frost, Tom Lane
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2013-01-18
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-11-05 03:20:58 PM: Initial version.
Comment by okbobcz on 2012-11-24 07:59:20 AM: reason for this patch

Patch by okbobcz on 2012-12-02 04:06:17 PM: fixed broken logic and 64bit issue
Review by ringerc on 2013-01-18 03:19:40 AM: Looks ready, needs some comment rewording though
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-18 03:32:14 AM: Passed CI on Windows. Pushed to https://github.com/ringerc/postgres/tree/variadic_functions_any
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-18 03:50:34 AM: Requested commit
Comment by tgl on 2013-01-18 07:05:11 AM: If this is ready for commit, why is there no documentation?
Review by sfrost on 2013-01-18 02:50:00 PM: Additional review, requested clean-up and documentation. Marking Waiting for Author.
Review by tgl on 2013-01-18 05:06:02 PM: This approach cannot work for arrays of more than FUNC_MAX_ARGS arguments.
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-21 03:06:05 AM: Revised patch by Pavel
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-21 03:07:53 AM: Concern about FUNC_MAX_ARGS limit (Tom)
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-22 12:28:57 AM: Revised patch by Pavel that addresses reported issues
Comment by okbobcz on 2013-01-23 06:38:55 AM: objection to using slicing and disabling NULL parameters
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-01-23 06:40:32 AM: updated patch - remove slicing, enable NULL variadic parameters, some code cleanup

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