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Patch: wal decoding, attempt #2

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CommitFest 2012-09
Topic Logical Replication
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Andres Freund
Reviewers Peter Geoghegan
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2012-10-25
Patch by andresfreund on 2012-09-15 12:40:49 AM: Initial version.
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-09 01:46:44 PM: Actual patch file thread, "[PATCH 8/8] Introduce wal decoding via catalog timetravel"
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-09 01:52:20 PM: Thread with design documents attached, "[RFC][PATCH] wal decoding, attempt #2 - Design Documents (really attached)"
Review by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-10 11:05:53 PM: My initial thoughts on this patch.
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-18 07:39:31 PM: New design document from Andres concerning the snapshot building aspect of the patch
Review by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-19 09:18:49 PM: Further review focused on the snapshot building aspect of the patch.

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