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Patch: Writeable CTEs

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CommitFest 2009-07
Topic SQL language features
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author David Fetter, Marko Tiikkaja
Reviewers Jaime Casanova
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2009-07-19
Patch by dfetter on 2009-06-14 10:24:19 PM: Initial version
Comment by tgl on 2009-07-03 09:50:20 PM: This doesn't belong in the commitfest, since it's not in reviewable condition.
Patch by dfetter on 2009-07-11 11:52:25 PM: Patch from Marko Tiikkaja works for some of the INSERT...RETURNING cases
Review by jcasanov on 2009-07-18 07:13:25 PM: Initial review. it has problems with triggers, default values...
Comment by rhaas on 2009-07-19 05:10:37 AM: This should probably be marked Returned With Feedback.
Comment by jcasanov on 2009-07-19 12:30:15 PM: Tom recommended doing this in 2 steps, 1 patch refactoring code and a 2nd with the new feature

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