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Patch: enhanced error fields

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CommitFest 2013-01
Topic Miscellaneous
Patch Status Committed
Author Pavel Stehule
Reviewers Peter Geoghegan
Committer Tom Lane
Close Date 2013-01-29
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-05-22 01:54:47 PM: Enhancin ErrorData structure. Additional fields are in conformance with ANSI SQL and they are used in constraint and RI errors messages.
Review by sternocera on 2012-07-02 04:04:47 PM: Initial thoughts on eelog*.patch
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-07-05 08:24:51 PM: fixed issues mentioned in review
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-07-06 06:31:29 AM: fixed plpgsql part
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-07-19 07:50:35 AM: fixed CSV log, and small reorganization
Comment by rhaas on 2012-07-23 02:24:17 PM: previous review changes not fully incorporated, so time to return this one
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-08-22 07:56:55 AM: here is updated patch - merge comments, docs, formatting, some
identifiers from Peter Geoghegan's patch
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-08 02:05:08 PM: New revision of patch needed.
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-10-10 02:35:18 PM: updated patch - add missing relerror.c file
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2012-10-13 07:10:05 PM: We need to tighten up and standardise where fields become available. Otherwise, what's the point?
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2012-12-10 10:56:18 PM: New revision (eelog4.diff), reduces number of new fields considerably from last.
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2012-12-24 02:55:35 PM: I've marked this patch "Ready for committer", because I think we need the input of a committer to resolve some relatively minor disagreements that remain.
Patch by okbobcz on 2012-12-28 04:54:55 PM: Based on eelog4 - with fields - routine_name, routine_schema, routine_oid and trigger_name
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2013-01-06 08:41:35 PM: New revision, minimal set of fields, (No routine_name or constraint_schema), without any logging. I feel that this is as far as I can take this patch.

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