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Patch: Compute the difference between two XLOG locations

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CommitFest 2012-01
Topic Logging, Monitoring & Error Handling
Patch Status Committed
Author Euler Taveira de Oliveira
Reviewers Fujii Masao
Committer Magnus Hagander
Close Date 2012-03-04
Patch by gsmith on 2012-01-15 01:04:03 AM: Initial version.
Comment by gsmith on 2012-01-15 01:05:59 AM: Would be better as a numeric function
Patch by eulerto on 2012-01-21 04:22:18 PM: Patch updated as a numeric function.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2012-01-26 09:23:16 AM: Got an error when I tested the patch.
Patch by eulerto on 2012-02-07 05:41:56 PM: Bugs fixed. New patches.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2012-02-08 12:37:52 PM: Got a segmentation fault when I tested the patch.
Patch by eulerto on 2012-02-12 11:06:26 PM: Patch fixed segfault.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2012-02-13 02:08:52 AM: Minor comments.
Review by mha on 2012-02-25 12:24:21 PM: Final(?) comments before commit...

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