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Patch: Make pgBufferUsage track dirty buffers

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CommitFest 2012-01
Topic Performance
Patch Status Committed
Author Robert Haas
Reviewers Greg Smith, Fujii Masao
Committer Robert Haas
Close Date 2012-02-23
Patch by gsmith on 2011-11-28 08:57:25 AM: Initial version.
Comment by decibel on 2012-01-14 03:55:25 PM: AustinPUG did a mini review on this... here are the comments:

In pg_stat_statements--1.1.sql, the first comment is /* contrib/pg_stat_statements/pg_stat_statements--1.0.sql */; is that a mistake?

This REVOKE: REVOKE ALL ON FUNCTION pg_stat_statements_reset() FROM PUBLIC; is at the end of the file. It seems it would be clearer if it was immediately after the CREATE FUNCTION so that everything related to the function definition was grouped together.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2012-02-17 10:09:05 AM: EXPLAIN doesn't report blks_dirtied when the format except text is used.
Patch by rhaas on 2012-02-17 05:16:42 PM: New patch.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2012-02-20 07:54:52 AM: Three comments.
Review by gsmith on 2012-02-22 04:55:54 AM: Review test samples
Review by gsmith on 2012-02-22 09:08:30 AM: How should old versions of the extension be handled?

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