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Patch: pgsql_fdw contrib module

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CommitFest 2012-06
Topic Miscellaneous
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Hanada Shigeru
Reviewers KaiGai Kohei, Laurenz Albe
Committer Tom Lane
Close Date 2012-07-20
Patch by kaigai on 2011-10-24 03:37:17 PM: Initial version.
Patch by hanada on 2011-10-28 01:54:17 PM: V2 patch, add support for colname option and some libpq options
Patch by hanada on 2011-10-31 08:33:50 AM: V3 patch, remove simple SELECT mode and min_cursor_rows FDW option because they might exhaust memory for unexpected huge result.
Review by gsmith on 2011-12-10 07:26:07 AM: Initial review
Comment by gsmith on 2011-12-10 07:48:40 AM: Concerns about collation
Patch by hanada on 2011-12-14 02:26:21 PM: v5 patch, separated push-down support to another patch, and revised criteria about push-down.
Review by kaigai on 2012-01-29 07:40:28 PM: Misc review comments
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-01 11:17:31 AM: v6 patch, fixed some of commented issues.
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-08 11:58:09 AM: v7 patch, avoid redundant tuple filtering.
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-10 01:09:45 PM: v8 patch, fix bug about dropped column.
Review by efujita on 2012-02-14 08:36:06 AM: regression tests updated
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-16 01:46:08 PM: v9 patch, revised regression tests.
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-16 01:46:54 PM: v10 patch, fixes for Kaigai-san's review comments.
Review by hanada on 2012-02-17 05:11:09 AM: Kaigai-san's review: strange behavior in error case.
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-17 05:12:08 AM: v11 patch, fix bug about uninitialized variable used in PG_CATCH.
Patch by hanada on 2012-02-23 05:25:27 AM: v12 patch, use REPEATABLE READ for non-SERIALIZABLE local transactions.
Patch by tgl on 2012-03-05 05:21:54 PM: draft patch for redefining PlanForeignScan API
Comment by tgl on 2012-03-05 09:17:12 PM: PlanForeignScan API change is applied, so we now need an update of this patch
Patch by hanada on 2012-03-06 12:38:09 PM: v13 patch, catch up to PlanForeignScan change and fix a connection cleanup bug.
Patch by hanada on 2012-03-07 12:51:11 PM: v14 patch, remove GetFdwOptionValue from fdw_helper patch.
Comment by tgl on 2012-03-07 11:41:45 PM: The fdw_helper part of this is committed.
Patch by tgl on 2012-03-23 02:18:30 PM: v16 patch
Patch by hanada on 2012-03-27 05:31:01 AM: v17 patch, implement own deparser, and support updating local statistics.
Patch by hanada on 2012-03-29 03:57:22 PM: v18 patch, push down some string operators, and revive remote EXPLAIN for rows/costs estimate.
Review by laurenz on 2012-04-03 01:35:35 PM: Local statistics on foreign tables introduce problems and limitations.
Review by laurenz on 2012-04-03 02:21:55 PM: Found two bugs.
Patch by laurenz on 2012-04-04 02:18:46 PM: Improved error messages, ANALYZE patch is WIP.
Patch by hanada on 2012-04-07 02:00:17 AM: v20 patch, use libpq row processor API, and support ANALYZE.
Patch by hanada on 2012-06-14 12:57:09 PM: Rebased for 9.3, with some fixes.
Review by kaigai on 2012-06-26 01:52:13 PM: This patch has many improvements from the previous commit fest, but still some problems are remained.

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