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Patch: Caching constant stable expressions per execution

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CommitFest 2011-11
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Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Marti Raudsepp
Reviewers Jaime Casanova
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2011-12-16
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-09-19 02:09:17 AM: Initial version.
Comment by kgrittn on 2011-09-19 02:14:47 AM: Interesting hack. Should solve the more general case.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-09-19 02:16:01 AM: Version 2. Total rewrite; incomplete.
Patch by intgr on 2011-09-25 11:30:28 AM: Version 3: feature-complete
Review by heikki on 2011-12-04 08:55:24 PM: Bitrotted. And a few questions on possible issues.
Patch by gsmith on 2011-12-10 02:22:36 PM: Version 4. Open questions about extending ExecInitExpr.
Patch by gsmith on 2011-12-12 07:37:01 PM: Version 5
Patch by gsmith on 2011-12-16 01:23:42 PM: Performance test case program

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