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Patch: prepare plans of embedded sql on function start

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CommitFest 2011-09
Topic PL/pgsql
Patch Status Rejected
Author Pavel Stehule
Reviewers Tom Lane
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2011-10-29
Patch by okbobcz on 2011-08-23 04:56:46 PM: Initial version.
Patch by AndyColson on 2011-09-08 12:18:20 AM: Version 2
Review by AndyColson on 2011-09-10 09:12:05 PM: Looks ok, needs other reviews, and a code review
Comment by tgl on 2011-09-17 12:00:56 AM: I think we'd be better off seeing this as an extension to the capabilities of VALIDATOR functions, and driven by some explicit CHECK request, not automatically during any function call.
Patch by tgl on 2011-10-06 04:15:36 PM: Updated patch using CHECK syntax
Comment by tgl on 2011-10-29 03:27:04 AM: Original approach is considered rejected. New patch requires a new review, so I entered it in 2011-11 commitfest.

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