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Patch: Non-inheritable check constraints

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CommitFest 2011-11
Topic Server Features
Patch Status Committed
Author Nikhil Sontakke
Reviewers Alex Hunsaker
Committer Álvaro Herrera
Close Date 2011-12-19
Patch by Nikhils on 2011-07-30 05:19:57 AM: Alvaro's patch on the commitfest at https://commitfest.postgresql.org/action/patch_view?id=601 also touches the same code paths. Might make sense to look at that patch before this (although this is a much smaller patch as compared to Alvaro's)
Review by alexhunsaker on 2011-10-05 07:46:23 PM: Looks good, minor fixes.
Comment by Nikhils on 2011-10-08 04:28:19 AM: Alex has provided a rebased patch with some more modifications and cleanup. We both feel that it is "Ready for Committer" now.
Patch by alexhunsaker on 2011-10-09 06:41:29 AM: v3
Review by gsmith on 2011-12-10 04:03:16 PM: Initial committer review, question about implementation

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