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Patch: XML error handling improvement to fix XPATH bug

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CommitFest 2011-06
Topic SQL Features
Patch Status Committed
Author Florian Pflug
Reviewers Noah Misch
Committer Tom Lane
Close Date 2011-07-20
Patch by fgp on 2011-06-09 05:25:54 PM: Initial version.
Review by nmisch on 2011-06-20 05:59:35 PM: Version-dependent behavior problems; minor code suggestions
Patch by fgp on 2011-06-22 10:55:27 AM: Made to work libxml 2.6.23 and 2.7.8 and fixes all but two of Noah's complains. These two are still being discussed.
Review by nmisch on 2011-06-24 11:26:39 AM: New version achieves goals. Further discussion, minor code notes
Patch by nmisch on 2011-06-27 07:11:34 AM: Cosmetic revisions; looks good

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