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Patch: Serializable Snapshot Isolation (SSI)

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CommitFest 2011-01
Topic SQL Features
Patch Status Committed
Author Kevin Grittner & Dan Ports
Reviewers Jeff Davis
Committer Heikki Linnakangas
Close Date 2011-02-08
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-10 10:46:30 AM: Initial version.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-10 09:16:00 PM: Fixes bugs found in testing index page split/combine changes.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-11 10:30:18 PM: version 10 - fixes bugs found in testing
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-13 03:40:57 PM: version 11 - speed table scan and fix races conditions
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-14 06:29:57 PM: version 12 - eliminate overzealous asserts; tweak granularity promotion calcs
Review by kgrittn on 2011-01-20 03:23:41 PM: Heikki asks for some fixes.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-20 03:25:26 PM: version 13 - add MVCC docs & 2PC, address Heikki's concerns
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-26 04:58:27 PM: version 14 - thorough desk check pass, DBT-2 pounding, all known issues fixed
Review by jdavis on 2011-01-30 10:20:33 PM: Not 100% done with review, but looks good so far.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-31 12:18:33 PM: One two-line bug fixed (none known to remain); doc, comment, & message changes; rename some internal structures for consistency

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