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Patch: Per-column collation (WiP)

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CommitFest 2010-09
Topic SQL Features
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Peter Eisentraut
Reviewers Pavel Stehule, Robert Haas
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2010-10-18
Patch by petere on 2010-09-15 03:19:37 PM: Initial version.
Review by itagaki on 2010-09-22 07:45:29 PM: Reported table inheritance and C-locale issues.
Comment by okbobcz on 2010-09-23 08:01:13 AM: there are a few issues - default encoding isn't utf8 and unclean error message
Comment by rhaas on 2010-10-13 05:41:53 PM: What is the status of this patch?

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