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Patch: dividing money by money

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CommitFest 2010-07
Topic Built-in SQL Functions
Patch Status Committed
Author Andy Balholm
Reviewers Kevin Grittner
Committer Tom Lane
Close Date 2010-07-15
Patch by kgrittn on 2010-06-01 08:03:07 AM: Initial version.
Comment by kgrittn on 2010-06-01 03:42:10 PM: Original discussion on bugs list.
Comment by kgrittn on 2010-06-02 10:24:22 AM: Discussion continued here.
Review by kgrittn on 2010-06-21 01:10:08 PM: Overall good. Could use minor changes so new code "blends" better.
Patch by kgrittn on 2010-06-21 03:30:01 PM: Revised patch.
Review by kgrittn on 2010-06-23 11:08:10 AM: Looks good. Ran pgindent (attached).

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