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Patch: Fix auto-prepare vs multiple connections

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CommitFest 2010-01
Topic ECPG
Patch Status Committed
Author Zoltán Böszörményi
Reviewers Itagaki Takahiro
Committer Michael Meskes
Close Date 2010-01-22
Patch by zboszor on 2010-01-18 07:43:10 AM: Initial version.
Patch by itagaki on 2010-01-18 11:34:14 PM: Added fixes for memory leak and a regression test.
Patch by zboszor on 2010-01-19 05:28:39 AM: Third version to save some cycles for auto-prepare by factoring out most of the code out of ECPGprepare() into a common function. Test case made by Takahiro Itagaki is added.

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