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Patch: Add on_perl_init and proper destruction to plperl

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CommitFest 2010-01
Topic Procedural Languages
Patch Status Committed
Author Tim Bunce
Reviewers Andrew Dunstan
Committer Andrew Dunstan
Close Date 2010-01-29
Patch by timbunce on 2010-01-14 06:45:33 PM: Initial version.
Comment by timbunce on 2010-01-14 06:49:34 PM: Applies cleanly over "Miscellaneous changes to plperl"
Comment by timbunce on 2010-01-19 09:27:31 AM: The changes related to running END blocks fix bug #5066
Patch by timbunce on 2010-01-28 10:21:33 AM: Updated patch.
Patch by timbunce on 2010-01-29 08:03:48 AM: Updated to avoid Perl_sv_clean_objs.

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