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Patch: Provide rowcount for utility SELECTs

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CommitFest 2010-01
Topic Clients & Interfaces
Patch Status Committed
Author Boszormenyi Zoltan
Reviewers Greg Smith, Jaime Casanova, Robert Haas
Committer Bruce Momjian
Close Date 2010-02-16
Patch by rhaas on 2009-12-28 10:01:58 AM: Initial version.
Comment by itagaki on 2010-01-09 05:57:14 PM: need to discuss compatibility risks
Patch by zboszor on 2010-01-12 08:33:51 AM: New patch
Review by gsmith on 2010-01-27 10:26:20 PM: Several concerns about the potential for breaking things this introduces
Patch by zboszor on 2010-02-02 03:16:41 AM: Fixed the cases run through PortalRunSelect()
Review by rhaas on 2010-02-06 11:13:48 PM: More comments & questions.
Patch by zboszor on 2010-02-08 06:09:11 AM: New patch for the discussed comments/changes
Review by rhaas on 2010-02-11 01:03:48 PM: looks OK, but needs docs
Patch by zboszor on 2010-02-12 10:00:54 AM: Added docs.
Patch by zboszor on 2010-02-12 01:14:37 PM: New docs.
Patch by rhaas on 2010-02-13 09:42:12 PM: updated patch from bmomjian
Comment by bmomjian on 2010-02-16 04:00:37 PM: Patch applied by Bruce.

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