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Patch: Windows x64

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CommitFest 2010-01
Topic Miscellaneous
Patch Status Committed
Author Tsutomu Yamada
Reviewers Magnus Hagander
Committer Magnus Hagander
Close Date 2010-01-14
Patch by tsutomu@sraoss on 2009-12-02 02:22:55 AM: Initial version. [repost]
Comment by mha on 2010-01-02 03:01:09 PM: I'm applying this piece by piece with some fairly heavy editorializing. Will soon have it all done.
Comment by mha on 2010-01-10 10:42:21 AM: I've applied all parts now, and I'm just working on finishing off the documentation. I won't "close" this issue here until docs are in.

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