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Patch: tsearch parser inefficiency with urls or emails.

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CommitFest 2009-11
Topic Performance
Patch Status Committed
Author Andres Freund
Reviewers Kevin Grittner
Committer Tom Lane
Close Date 2009-12-15
Patch by andresfreund on 2009-11-12 06:07:36 AM: Initial version.
Comment by kgrittn on 2009-11-13 06:36:18 PM: This patch mitigates the performance penalty for a kludge. Apply and add TODO for more invasive work?
Review by kgrittn on 2009-11-14 08:55:03 AM: The approach is good. The author offered to add additional regression tests. Any additional comments for the old code would be good.
Comment by kgrittn on 2009-11-25 12:02:07 PM: Additional regression tests not needed after all. Back to review status.
Comment by kgrittn on 2009-12-08 09:43:18 AM: Patch shows 3.1% increase in run time for some tests. Continuing testing to pin down conditions and cause.
Comment by andresfreund on 2009-12-09 05:47:46 PM: Reply to the run time increases and method of reproducing the original issue (i.e. showing the benefit)
Review by kgrittn on 2009-12-10 12:29:47 PM: Performance benefit confirmed. Three minor (and easily fixed) problems found.
Patch by kgrittn on 2009-12-10 01:42:27 PM: Andres submitted patch to address concerns.

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