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Patch: PL/Perl Inline Function Support

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CommitFest 2009-11
Topic Procedural Languages
Patch Status Committed
Author Joshua Tolley
Reviewers Brendan Jurd
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2009-11-28
Patch by eggyknap on 2009-11-11 10:43:04 AM: Initial version.
Review by direvus on 2009-11-14 07:39:46 PM: Looks good, minor code style/documentation suggestions.
Comment by timbunce on 2009-11-17 05:05:53 AM: I don't see where/how the subroutine, that's created for each DO, gets freed. Looks like it would leak memory without something like a SvREFCNT_dec(desc.reference).
Patch by direvus on 2009-11-17 04:53:42 PM: Revised patch from Joshua resolved my feedback, marking ready for committer.
Comment by eggyknap on 2009-11-17 05:36:17 PM: Some other issues have come up, which need some work.
Patch by eggyknap on 2009-11-26 09:56:37 AM: Updated version

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