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Patch: DESCRIBE [OUTPUT] support for ECPG

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CommitFest 2010-01
Topic ECPG
Patch Status Committed
Author Zoltan Boszormenyi
Reviewers Michael Meskes
Committer Michael Meskes
Close Date 2010-01-15
Patch by zboszor on 2009-09-03 08:06:30 AM: Initial version.
Patch by zboszor on 2009-09-18 01:33:11 AM: Changes:
- free(sqlda->sqlvar) as well if it's not in the same
allocation area as teh main sqlda
- allow variable name for the prepared stmt in DESCRIBE
Patch by zboszor on 2009-11-16 05:25:48 AM: Rebased to current CVS
Patch by zboszor on 2009-12-14 07:34:13 AM: New patch rebased to latest SQLDA patch
Patch by zboszor on 2009-12-15 04:00:00 AM: New version, small fixes.
Patch by zboszor on 2010-01-05 02:24:21 AM: Adjust for DB2/Sybase compatible SQLDA
Informix-specific DESCRIBE ... INTO sqlda syntax is accepted for native mode

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