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Patch: Memory accounting towards memory-bounded HashAgg

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CommitFest 2014-12
Topic Miscellaneous
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Jeff Davis
Reviewers Peter Geoghegan, Tomas Vondra
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2015-01-19
Patch by jdavis on 2014-10-16 01:28:00 AM: Initial version.
Patch by jdavis on 2014-10-16 01:29:01 AM: Improve performance, but still a small regression in some cases.
Patch by jdavis on 2014-11-18 07:39:58 AM: Keep MemoryContextData structure exactly the same size.
Review by pgeoghegan on 2014-12-01 05:42:21 PM: Observation
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-12-08 12:39:40 AM: New version.
Review by michael-kun on 2014-12-22 03:26:24 AM: Review from Tomas: crashes found and regression tests lacking
Comment by jdavis on 2014-12-23 09:17:36 AM: New HashAgg patch. Memory accounting patch is unchanged.

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