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Patch: Store Extension Options

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CommitFest 2014-01
Topic SQL Commands
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author FabrÝzio de Royes Mello
Reviewers Pavel Stehule
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2014-04-04
Patch by fabriziomello on 2013-11-20 07:23:16 PM: Initial version.
Review by heikki on 2013-11-21 02:30:55 PM: Robert Haas doesn't like the fixed prefix
Comment by heikki on 2013-11-21 02:32:25 PM: The 2013-11 commitfest is already in progress, moved to next one
Patch by andresfreund on 2014-02-15 02:09:40 PM: New Version
Review by ams on 2014-02-28 08:09:57 AM: Minor documentation quibbles
Patch by fabriziomello on 2014-02-28 01:39:15 PM: New version

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