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Patch: Provide support for multiplexing SIGUSR1 signal

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CommitFest 2009-07
Topic Replication
Patch Status Committed
Author Fujii Masao
Reviewers Jaime Casanova
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2009-07-31
Patch by Masaofujii on 2009-07-03 06:49:00 AM: Initial version.
Review by jcasanov on 2009-07-16 02:15:54 AM: Seems fine to me except for the race condition note... i feel it needs to be reviewed by a commiter
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2009-07-17 08:09:00 AM: Fixed two problems which were pointed out.
Comment by tgl on 2009-07-26 11:52:10 AM: Not happy with the proposed solutions to some issues...
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2009-07-29 04:33:33 AM: Revised the patch according to the suggestion.

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