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Patch: Parser's hook based on FuncCall

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CommitFest 2009-07
Topic Miscellaneous
Patch Status Returned with Feedback
Author Pavel Stehule
Reviewers Robert Haas, Jeff Davis
Committer Nobody
Close Date 2009-08-09
Patch by okbobcz on 2009-04-20 12:45:57 PM: Initial version
Review by rhaas on 2009-07-25 03:40:26 PM: Needs concrete proof that a hook here is useful.
Patch by okbobcz on 2009-07-26 10:28:58 PM: anotation, decode, json samples added
Review by rhaas on 2009-07-29 10:12:09 PM: I'm on the fence about this one; needs further input from others.
Comment by jdavis on 2009-08-08 06:39:00 PM: Use cases described by author
Comment by jdavis on 2009-08-08 08:33:50 PM: Probably requires some more time to get enough input.

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