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Patch: Avoid truncating empty OCDR temp tables on COMMIT

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CommitFest 2013-01
Topic Performance
Patch Status Committed
Author Gurjeet Singh
Reviewers Heikki Linnakangas
Committer Heikki Linnakangas
Close Date 2013-01-29
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2013-01-14 10:32:51 PM: Initial version.
Comment by ams on 2013-01-17 05:15:00 AM: tgl says this approach is unworkable, and doesn't see much demand for it anyway
Comment by heikki on 2013-01-17 03:21:16 PM: tgl's comment only applies to the "v2" of the patch. The other alternative, v3, is still on the table.
Patch by heikki on 2013-01-28 02:11:44 PM: I proposed an even simpler version of this.
Comment by heikki on 2013-01-29 08:46:03 AM: Committed the one-liner.

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