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CommitFest 2011-01 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 69, Returned with Feedback: 25, Rejected: 2. Total: 96.

Committed Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Refactor commit_delay and commit_siblings
Patch by gsmith on 2010-12-06: Initial version.
Committed Greg Smith Simon Riggs 2010-12-08
Replication permission without superuser
Patch by mha on 2010-12-23: Initial version.
Committed Magnus Hagander Tom Lane 2010-12-29
unlogged tables
Comment by rhaas on 2010-12-11: would appreciate code review
Comment by rhaas on 2010-12-13: Partially committed, would still appreciate review of remaining bits.
Comment by rhaas on 2010-12-13: Main patch will need to update storage.sgml, and currently doesn't.
Committed Robert Haas Andy Colson 2010-12-29
SLRU API tweak
Patch by kgrittn on 2010-12-29: Initial version.
Committed Kevin Grittner Nobody 2010-12-30
SQL/MED - syntax support
Comment by itagaki on 2010-11-30: Author is working on interface cleanup.
Review by rhaas on 2010-12-13: Some suggestions for further simplification.
Patch by hanada on 2010-12-15: removed ForeignScanState from FDW API parameter, simplified features, and split into two parts
Committed Shigeru Hanada Heikki Linnakangas, Robert Haas 2011-01-01
Recovery conflict monitoring
Patch by mha on 2010-12-23: Initial version.
Committed Magnus Hagander Simon Riggs 2011-01-03
Patch BUG #5103: "pg_ctl -w (re)start" fails with custom unix_socket_directory
Patch by quan74 on 2010-11-27: Initial version.
Comment by gsmith on 2011-01-04: Recommended refactoring to avoid duplication of config file reading
Patch by gsmith on 2011-01-04: Alternate server detection code committed instead
Committed Quan Zongliang Nobody 2011-01-04
pg_stat_walsender system view
Patch by itagaki on 2011-01-04: Initial version.
Patch by itagaki on 2011-01-12: Committed as pg_stat_replication.
Committed Itagaki Takahiro Simon Riggs 2011-01-07
WAL flush at the exit of walreceiver
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-14: Initial version.
Committed Fujii Masao Heikki Linnakangas 2011-01-17
texteq/byteaeq: avoid detoast
Patch by nmisch on 2011-01-03: Initial version.
Review by AndyColson on 2011-01-16: +1
Committed Noah Misch Andy Colson 2011-01-18
psql: Add \dL to show languages
Review by doublehyphen on 2011-01-15: Review.
Patch by doublehyphen on 2011-01-19: v8
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-19: A few more review comments.
Committed Josh Kupershmidt, Fernando Ike Andreas Karlsson 2011-01-19
Common table expressions clarification in WITH Queries doc patch
Patch by sternocera on 2011-01-05: Initial version.
Review by sfrost on 2011-01-19: Review w/ some minor updates. Ready for Committer.
Committed Peter Geoghegan Stephen Frost 2011-01-19
ALTER TYPE 1: recheck index-based constraints
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-19: Suggest a slightly different API.
Patch by nmisch on 2011-01-20: v3: adopt suggested arg passing style
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-20: committed and back-patched to 9.0; this is a regression vs. 8.4
Committed Noah Misch Robert Haas 2011-01-20
Allow SignalSomeChildren to send signal to walsenders
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-12: Initial version.
Review by psoo on 2011-01-20: Patch looks fine.
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-20: Updated patch; Added code comment
Committed Fujii Masao Bernd Helmle 2011-01-21
Auto-sizing wal_buffers
Review by gsmith on 2011-01-15: Suggested code cleanup
Review by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-16: Another review comments
Patch by rhaas on 2011-01-22: Heavily revised version, with SHOW now working properly.
Committed Greg Smith Fujii Masao 2011-01-22
READ ONLY can't be changed to READ WRITE for a transaction in progress
Review by jjanes on 2011-01-16: No major objections. Some questions about error message, documentation, and regression tests.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-21: version 5 - adjust an error message and add more regression tests, per request from rhass
Patch by rhaas on 2011-01-21: Partially committed, remainder here, with questions about further possible simplification.
Committed Kevin Grittner Jeff Janes 2011-01-22
Streaming base backups
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-18: Updated patch
Comment by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-19: Another comments.
Comment by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-19: Comment for doc.
Committed Magnus Hagander Dimitri Fontaine, Fujii Masao 2011-01-23
modular SE-PostgreSQL
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-19: Looks pretty good.
Patch by kaigai on 2011-01-21: Patch revised, mainly documentation
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-23: still needs more work, but the base patch is committed now
Committed KaiGai Kohei Robert Haas 2011-01-23
directory archive format for pg_dump
Review by gsmith on 2010-12-16: List of patch cleanup suggestions
Patch by jwieland on 2011-01-08: Updated patch
Patch by jwieland on 2011-01-19: Updated patch (the directory archive format patch is only rebased - no other changes)
Committed Joachim Wieland Dimitri Fontaine, Heikki Linnakangas, Greg Smith 2011-01-23
Bug in pg_describe_object
Patch by doublehyphen on 2011-01-10: Initial version.
Patch by doublehyphen on 2011-01-12: Version 2.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-22: More kibitzing about message format.
Committed Andreas Karlsson Tom Lane 2011-01-23
Add PGXS support to hstore's Makefile
Patch by joeyadams on 2011-01-23: Initial version.
Committed Joey Adams Robert Haas 2011-01-24
Add PRIMARY KEY/UNIQUE constraints using an existing index
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2011-01-06: Initial version.
Review by ssinger on 2011-01-16: Patch reviewed. A question about a possible memory leak + some proposed editorial changes to the documentation
Committed Gurjeet Singh Steve Singer 2011-01-25
PL/Python generic refactoring
Patch by wulczer on 2010-12-23: Initial version.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-02: Split into smaller patches.
Committed Jan Urbański Peter Eisentraut 2011-01-26
SSPI client auth on non-Windows systems
Patch by chrullrich on 2011-01-04: Initial version.
Comment by mha on 2011-01-21: Waiting for some further tests
Comment by chrullrich on 2011-01-24: Tests done, with encouraging results.
Committed chrullrich Magnus Hagander 2011-01-29
compact fsync request queue on overflow
Patch by rhaas on 2011-01-13: Initial version.
Comment by cbbrowne on 2011-01-17: Tentative Conclusions:
- Seems pretty good so far.
- I'd like to see the compiler warning fixed; should be as simple as
assigning num_skipped before it is used.
Review by gsmith on 2011-01-28: All positive performance test results
Committed Robert Haas Christopher Browne, Greg Smith 2011-01-29
Base backup including required WAL files
Review by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-25: Suggested to separate progress report into two parts
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-27: Upadted patch
Review by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-27: Pointed out some problems
Committed Magnus Hagander Stephen Frost, Fujii Masao 2011-01-30
Allow multiple base backups to be taken concurrently
Comment by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-20: Need to consider REPLICATION privilege and backup
Patch by heikki on 2011-01-24: New patch version
Review by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-27: Needs typo fix and doc update
Committed Heikki Linnakangas Magnus Hagander, Fujii Masao 2011-01-31
LIKE/ILIKE search support for pg_trgm
Review by wulczer on 2011-01-23: remarks about index size and scarcity of comments
Patch by smagen on 2011-01-29: New version with comments
Patch by smagen on 2011-01-30: Typo fix.
Committed Alexander Korotkov Jan Urbański 2011-01-31
Optimize PL/Perl function argument passing
Patch by timbunce on 2010-12-08: Initial version.
Review by alexhunsaker on 2011-01-15: Few nits, new patch
Comment by alexhunsaker on 2011-01-27: no reply from author, but this is trivial so marking as ready.
Committed Tim Bunce Alex Hunsaker 2011-02-01
PL/Python validator function
Review by umitanuki on 2011-01-16: The first review. Regression test failed.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-17: new patch fixing issues spotted in review
Review by umitanuki on 2011-01-18: Looks good.
Committed Jan Urbański Hitoshi Harada 2011-02-01
setlocale fix on Windows
Patch by itagaki on 2011-02-01: Initial version.
Committed Hiroshi Inoue Dave Page, Magnus Hagander 2011-02-01
PL/Python SPI in subtransactions
Patch by ssinger on 2011-01-29: Updated patch from wulczer with an additional bug fix
Review by ssinger on 2011-01-29: The documentation updates discussed was promised later today. Other than that this patch is ready for a committer.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-30: Doc updates haven't been delivered "later that day", but they're done :)
Committed Jan Urbański Steve Singer 2011-02-02
log_checkpoints and restartpoint
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-26: Initial version.
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Looks good to me.
Committed Fujii Masao Robert Haas 2011-02-02
More walsender metadata
Patch by mha on 2011-02-02: Initial version.
Committed Magnus Hagander Nobody 2011-02-03
autogenerate errcodes.h, plerrcodes.h and errcodes.sgml
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-12: Initial version.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-12: same as original plus a patch to support MSVC
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Looks pretty good; a few suggested changes.
Committed Jan Urbański Tom Lane 2011-02-03
plperl encoding issues
Patch by alexhunsaker on 2010-12-22: Initial version.
Patch by alexhunsaker on 2010-12-22: v3 (see v1 original patch for a good patch description)
Review by AndyColson on 2011-01-15: Looks good, might need manual update
Committed Alex Hunsaker Andy Colson 2011-02-06
Skip validation of Foreign Keys
Review by johto on 2011-01-23: Initial review: needs a bugfix and psql changes.
Review by rhaas on 2011-02-03: Doesn't apply, no response to prior review, and question about must_use_query.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: Marking Returned with Feedback.
Committed Simon Riggs Marko Tiikkaja 2011-02-07
Improve and log autovacuum behavior against locked tables
Patch by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Another approach. Comments?
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-03: Will commit barring objections.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: Committed.
Committed Robert Haas Nobody 2011-02-07
Fix error code for "terminating connection due to conflict with recovery"
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-02: almost there... what to do about the error message?
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: Simon points out this this is already distinguished by error detail.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: marking as committed, since everything that was agreed to is.
Committed Tatsuo Ishii Robert Haas 2011-02-07
Tracking latest timeline in standby
Patch by heikki on 2011-01-14: Initial version.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: 9.2 material at this point, I think.
Committed Heikki Linnakangas Fujii Masao 2011-02-08
Reduce the amount of data loss on the standby
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-14: Initial version.
Committed Fujii Masao Simon Riggs 2011-02-08
Recovery Control
Patch by simon on 2011-01-15: Initial version.
Review by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-21: Review comment.
Committed Simon Riggs Fujii Masao 2011-02-08
Serializable Snapshot Isolation (SSI)
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-26: version 14 - thorough desk check pass, DBT-2 pounding, all known issues fixed
Review by jdavis on 2011-01-30: Not 100% done with review, but looks good so far.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-01-31: One two-line bug fixed (none known to remain); doc, comment, & message changes; rename some internal structures for consistency
Committed Kevin Grittner & Dan Ports Jeff Davis 2011-02-08
Per-column collation
Review by nmisch on 2011-02-03: A bit more discussion
Patch by nmisch on 2011-02-03: Performance improvement and refactoring
Review by nmisch on 2011-02-03: Updated patch does what it promises -- ready for committer
Committed Peter Eisentraut Noah Misch, ... 2011-02-08
Named restore points
Comment by eulerto on 2011-02-01: Review.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: Should this be marked Ready for Committer?
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-08: Seems as though we have design consensus on the remaining open issue - marking Ready for Committer.
Committed Jaime Casanova Euler Taveira de Oliveira 2011-02-08
keeping timestamp of the lasts stats reset
Review by gsmith on 2011-02-03: Initializing the stats timestamp during database creation suggested
Comment by fuzzycz on 2011-02-05: The timestamp is initialized at first login into the database (together with the rest of the stats). I believe that's better than initializing it during creation.
Patch by gsmith on 2011-02-06: Updated patch to fix issues found in review
Committed Tomas Vondra Greg Smith 2011-02-10
Extension support for pg_dump
Patch by dim on 2011-01-28: Update v29, cleanup by Itagaki
Patch by dim on 2011-02-01: Update v30, rework the system view, per Itagali
Comment by tgl on 2011-02-08: The core parts of this are committed, but not yet the changes in contrib/.
Committed Dimitri Fontaine Anssi Kääriäinen, Itagaki Takahiro 2011-02-14
Patch by dim on 2011-01-04: Initial version.
Patch by dim on 2011-01-13: Update v2: merge the latest dependency walking fixes, per Tom comments.
Patch by dim on 2011-02-01: Update v3: merge in latest extension patch, finish contrib upgrade "from null" support
Committed Dimitri Fontaine Tom Lane 2011-02-14
ALTER TYPE 2: skip already-provable no-work rewrites
Review by sfrost on 2011-02-14: Additional review w/ a few questions, patch overall seems in good shape.
Patch by nmisch on 2011-02-14: v7: improved comments
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-14: deferring rewrite->scan case to 9.2; fixed unconstrained domain case
Committed Noah Misch Robert Haas, Stephen Frost 2011-02-14
pg_ctl promote
Review by mha on 2011-02-10: Needs another rebase, docs comment.
Patch by MasaoFujii on 2011-02-13: Updated patch
Review by sfrost on 2011-02-14: Another review, looks good, marking Ready for Committer.
Committed Fujii Masao Robert Haas, Magnus Hagander, Stephen Frost 2011-02-15
COPY FROM APIs for file_fdw
Review by nmisch on 2011-02-09: Review v4 - note minor things to consider when committing
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-12: Kevin Grittner to benchmark this, this weekend
Review by nmisch on 2011-02-14: Kevin's benchmark
Committed Itagaki Takahiro Kevin Grittner, Noah Misch 2011-02-15
FOREACH cycle for plpgsql
Review by sfrost on 2011-01-29: Further review and suggestions for improvement/rework.
Patch by okbobcz on 2011-01-30: updated patch
Patch by sfrost on 2011-02-08: Updated patch, hopefully close to being ready for committer now...
Committed Pavel Stehule Stephen Frost 2011-02-16
Improvements for pl/perl arrays as function input parameters
Patch by alexk on 2011-02-15: v8, added encode_type_literal
Patch by alexk on 2011-02-15: v9, bugfixes, doc fixes (Alex Hunsaker)
Patch by alexk on 2011-02-15: v10, amend the doc change in v9
Committed Alexey Klyukin Alex Hunsaker 2011-02-17
pg_stat_activity.client_hostname field
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Not sure we should do this, but if we do, we'd better be sure to document it clearly.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-10: Marking Ready for Committer.
Patch by rhaas on 2011-02-16: Rebased, wrote docs, fixed shmem size issues, further comments.
Committed Peter Eisentraut Steve Singer 2011-02-17
Transaction scoped advisory locks
Review by itagaki on 2011-02-09: Good enough, but what about pg_locks?
Patch by johto on 2011-02-09: v5, bugfix and regression tests
Comment by itagaki on 2011-02-10: Ready for Committer, with a few comments.
Committed Marko Tiikkaja Itagaki Takahiro 2011-02-18
PL/Python invalidate composite argument functions
Patch by wulczer on 2011-02-09: Updated to master.
Review by alexhunsaker on 2011-02-10: looks good
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-11: Doesn't need review - should be marked either WOA or RFC.
Committed Jan Urbański Alex Hunsaker 2011-02-19
determining client_encoding from client locale
Review by sfrost on 2011-02-06: Additional review by Ibrar Ahmed
Patch by rhaas on 2011-02-08: Updated patch from Ibrar Ahmed.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-11: Is this Ready for Committer?
Committed Peter Eisentraut Stephen Frost, Ibrar Ahmed 2011-02-19
SQL/MED - file_fdw
Patch by hanada on 2011-02-07: Rebased against HEAD, fixed estimate_costs() to use stat()
Review by itagaki on 2011-02-16: Request for rebase and several comments.
Patch by tgl on 2011-02-19: Response, new version.
Committed Shigeru Hanada Itagaki Takahiro 2011-02-20
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Ping!
Patch by hanada on 2011-02-07: Reflected Heikki's review comments
Patch by itagaki on 2011-02-16: Another version by Heikki.
Committed Shigeru Hanada Jan Urbański, Heikki Linnakangas 2011-02-20
Add ENCODING option to COPY
Patch by umitanuki on 2011-01-31: Another version.
Review by itagaki on 2011-02-04: An issue about FRONTEND in pg_wchar.h.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-07: Marking Returned with Feedback.
Committed Hitoshi Harada Itagaki Takahiro 2011-02-21
PL/Python quoting functions
Patch by wulczer on 2011-01-10: Initial version.
Review by umitanuki on 2011-02-04: Looks good.
Patch by heikki on 2011-02-20: Latest patch, now with docs
Committed Jan Urbański Hitoshi Harada 2011-02-22
PL/Python table functions
Review by umitanuki on 2011-02-06: Mapping dict into table row isn't consistent yet.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-02-08: Another shot at fixing the behaviour.
Review by umitanuki on 2011-02-08: Issues fixed.
Committed Jan Urbański Hitoshi Harada 2011-02-26
PL/Python explicit subtransactions
Patch by ssinger on 2011-02-08: This looks good. Updated patch attached that fixes a few typos in the documentation.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-02-10: Fixes for bugs found in review.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-25: inquiry as to open issues
Committed Jan Urbański Steve Singer 2011-02-27
Writeable CTEs
Patch by dfetter on 2010-12-27: Updated docs.
Patch by johto on 2011-01-15: Latest version of the patch.
Comment by tgl on 2011-02-25: Code patch is applied, documentation is Waiting on Author.
Committed Marko Tiikkaja, Hitoshi Harada David Fetter 2011-02-28
PL/Python custom SPI exceptions
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-11: Author is revising.
Patch by wulczer on 2011-02-12: Version with docs and applying over latest exlicit-subxacts patch.
Review by ssinger on 2011-02-13: Ready for committer.
Committed Jan Urbański Steve Singer 2011-02-28
Fix snapshot taking inconsistencies
Patch by johto on 2010-10-22: Patch v4
Patch by johto on 2011-01-15: Latest patch.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-01-30: Comments on question posed by Tom Lane.
Committed Marko Tiikkaja Steve Singer 2011-02-28
Change pg_last_xlog_receive_location not to move backwards
Review by rhaas on 2011-01-24: Not sure this is correct.
Comment by MasaoFujii on 2011-01-24: Changed the return value of the function, not the behavior of SR. Still not correct?
Review by sfrost on 2011-02-11: Additional review/suggestions for a better approach to implementing this.
Committed Fujii Masao Jeff Janes, Robert Haas, Stephen Frost 2011-03-01
contrib/btree_gist KNN-gist implementation
Comment by rhaas on 2011-02-16: Commit ping.
Review by tgl on 2011-02-18: Still needs work ...
Patch by tgl on 2011-03-01: Version 0.12
Committed Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov Stephen Frost 2011-03-02
Synchronous Replication, transaction-controlled
Patch by rhaas on 2011-02-10: Rebased.
Patch by rhaas on 2011-02-18: sriggs v17
Patch by simon on 2011-02-28: Latest code available at git://github.com/simon2ndQuadrant/postgres.git
Committed Simon Riggs Heikki Linnakangas, Fujii Masao, Jaime Casanova, Robert Haas 2011-03-06