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CommitFest 2009-09 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 20, Returned with Feedback: 14, Rejected: 6. Total: 40.

Pending Patches

No patches.

Committed Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
plpythonu datatype conversion improvements
Comment by petere on 2009-07-16: patch got mangled by email transport, needs resend
Patch by cwelton on 2009-07-16: Patch resent as attachment
Comment by petere on 2009-07-24: in progress
Committed Caleb Welton Peter Eisentraut 2009-09-09
autovacuum_max_workers docs fix
Patch by eggyknap on 2009-09-11: Initial version.
Committed Josh Tolley (eggyknap) Nobody 2009-09-13
Errcontext support in PL/Perl
Patch by alexk on 2009-07-22: Initial version.
Patch by alexk on 2009-07-22: Updated to v2 per comments from Alvaro Herrera and Tom Lane
Committed Alexey Klyukin Peter Eisentraut 2009-09-16
join removal
Patch by rhaas on 2009-09-05: Initial version.
Review by tgl on 2009-09-15: Cursory review.
Committed Robert Haas Tom Lane 2009-09-17
Logging configuration changes
Review by ams on 2009-09-15: The patch is fine. I've posted another version with some minor changes.
Patch by ams on 2009-09-16: Revised patch (but see next)
Patch by ams on 2009-09-16: Separate patch to change error message
Committed Peter Eisentraut Abhijit Menon-Sen 2009-09-17
make plpgsql IN args mutable
Patch by steveprentice on 2009-07-30: Initial version.
Review by ams on 2009-09-16: Makes sense, applies fine, works fine.
Committed Steve Prentice Abhijit Menon-Sen 2009-09-19
generic copy options
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-16: Review of Emmanuel Cecchet's changes.
Patch by dcolish on 2009-09-17: Context Diff from Emmanuel Cecchet; currently in review
Review by dcolish on 2009-09-17: Patch looks ready, I've done some performance testing as well. Marking ready.
Committed Robert Haas, Emmanuel Cecchet Dan Colish 2009-09-21
unicode escapes
Patch by markokr on 2009-09-04: Initial version.
Patch by markokr on 2009-09-04: Updated version
Patch by markokr on 2009-09-09: Patch v3
Committed Marko Kreen Peter Eisentraut 2009-09-22
Anonymous code blocks
Review by dim on 2009-09-22: straitghforward and simple code, ready for commit (internals I can't review)
Patch by PJMODOS on 2009-09-22: Fixed an oversight spotted by reviewer.
Comment by tgl on 2009-09-22: Taking this one ...
Committed Petr Jelinek Dimitri Fontaine 2009-09-22
Review by direvus on 2009-09-26: John Naylor's review suggesting some minor improvements.
Patch by direvus on 2009-09-28: Pavel's latest version, John says it's ready for committer.
Comment by tgl on 2009-09-29: Taking this one...
Committed Pavel Stehule Selena Deckelmann, John Naylor 2009-09-29
hstore enhancements
Patch by RhodiumToad on 2009-09-22: Latest patch as discussed.
Review by theory on 2009-09-23: Reviewed the latest from Andrew. Unless someone really objects to the names of the functions and operators he used for converting to arrays, it's ready for a committer.
Comment by tgl on 2009-09-29: Taking this one ...
Committed RhodiumToad David Wheeler 2009-09-30
pg_hba.conf: samehost and samenet
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-29: ping reviewer
Patch by stefw on 2009-09-30: Add better header checks. Ready for review/commit.
Comment by tgl on 2009-09-30: Taking this one ...
Committed Stef Walter Abhijit Menon-Sen, Magnus Hagander 2009-09-30
Default ACLs
Review by tgl on 2009-09-28: Still needs a nontrivial amount of work.
Patch by PJMODOS on 2009-09-30: An attempt to fix problems pointed out by Tom.
Patch by PJMODOS on 2009-10-02: Doc fix.
Committed Petr Jelinek Jan UrbaƄski 2009-10-05
Named and mixed notation support
Review by jdavis on 2009-10-02: Adjusted some code comments, plus a few minor questions. Almost ready.
Patch by jdavis on 2009-10-02: Updated patch from author.
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-06: Taking this one ...
Committed Pavel Stehule Jeff Davis 2009-10-07
Allow more complex user/database default GUC settings
Comment by alvherre on 2009-09-30: complete patch (per discussion, the new view in system_views.sql will be stripped before commit)
Review by psoo on 2009-10-03: Additional documentation patch
Review by psoo on 2009-10-03: Locking issue described here
Committed Alvaro Herrera Bernd Helmle 2009-10-07
DML node in support of writeable CTEs
Comment by johto on 2009-10-03: .. and here
Comment by rhaas on 2009-10-04: Marking Ready for Commiter.
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-08: Taking this one ...
Committed Marko Tiikkaja Robert Haas 2009-10-09
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: ping reviewer
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-08: Does this patch need any adjustment to sync with CVS HEAD, now that default ACLs are in?
Patch by PJMODOS on 2009-10-10: Regression did need adjustment. Also fixed REVOKE docs.
Committed Petr Jelinek Abhijit Menon-Sen, Andres Freund 2009-10-12
Comment by direvus on 2009-09-28: Ready for committer.
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-01: adunstan will take this one
Patch by itagaki on 2009-10-04: Improve to clone comments on indexes.
Committed Itagaki Takahiro Brendan Jurd 2009-10-12
psql: Unicode UTF-8 table formatting for text output
Review by rleigh on 2009-10-08: Review from Brad Sliger.
Patch by rleigh on 2009-10-11: psql-utf8-table-10.patch: Rename utf-8 to unicode in user-visible situations, and remove references to "locale" from documentation.
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-13: Taking this one ...
Committed Roger Leigh Brad Sliger 2009-10-13
Triggers on columns
Comment by direvus on 2009-10-07: Query status
Comment by rhaas on 2009-10-10: Partially committed.
Patch by itagaki on 2009-10-13: statement column trigger added.
Committed Itagaki Takahiro Peter Eisentraut 2009-10-14

Returned with Feedback

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Sequence ownership visibility functions
Patch by jwilliams on 2009-09-03: Initial version.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-14: Author agrees this should be marked returned with feedback.
Returned with Feedback Josh Williams Nobody 2009-09-14
FDW-based dblink
Patch by itagaki on 2009-08-19: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2009-09-15: various concerns about interface and approach have been brought up
Returned with Feedback Itagaki Takahiro Peter Eisentraut 2009-09-15
opportunistic freezing during vacuum
Comment by selenamarie on 2009-09-14: Greg Stark reviewed, suggested change to remove a duplicated page scan. Jeff to submit an updated patch.
Comment by jdavis on 2009-09-15: I'm not actively working on this patch due to the difficulty in performance testing.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-17: Author agrees that this should be moved to Returned with Feedback.
Returned with Feedback Jeff Davis Jeff Janes 2009-09-17
Join optimization for inheritance tables
Patch by eulerto on 2009-08-10: Initial version.
Review by tgl on 2009-09-18: I don't feel that this is the direction we want to be taking with improving our partitioning logic.
Returned with Feedback Herodotos Herodotou, Nedyalko Borisov Tom Lane 2009-09-18
Separate Heap Fetch from Index Scan
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-14: Initial comments, mostly on joinpath.c changes.
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-20: Some ideas on planning where to put heap fetches.
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-20: Brief review of rest of patch.
Returned with Feedback Heikki Linnakangas Robert Haas 2009-09-20
Generalized Index Constraints
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: Ping patch author: Need new version RSN.
Patch by jdavis on 2009-09-27: Updated patch, many changes, still some work to do.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: Still has a significant TODO list; should be postponed to next CF.
Returned with Feedback Jeff Davis Brendan Jurd 2009-09-27
Linux LSB init script
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-17: Kevin will be AFK for a week or so
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-20: What next?
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: No progress, marking Returned with Feedback.
Returned with Feedback Kevin Grittner Peter Eisentraut 2009-09-27
new function for connect in libpq
Comment by jcasanov on 2009-09-14: Andrew Chernow remembers there is still no decision in the prototype for the function
Review by tgl on 2009-09-23: Some complaints about the implementation.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: sounds like this needs a major rewrite, so next CF
Returned with Feedback Jaime Casanova Nobody 2009-09-27
Review by jjanes on 2009-09-19: I do not think this is the right approach.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-27: Summary of issues, request for updated patch.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-10-03: Time to move this one to Returned with Feedback.
Returned with Feedback Zoltan Boszormenyi Jeff Janes 2009-10-03
Lock wait statistics
Review by jcasanov on 2009-09-28: we still have to get an agreement about what info we need to show
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-30: Jeff Janes thinks this has some incorrect logic.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-10-05: Moving to "Returned with Feedback".
Returned with Feedback Mark Kirkwood Jaime Casanova 2009-10-05
Enhancements to COPY (error logging and autopartitioning)
Review by selenamarie on 2009-10-04: Reviewed error logging portion of the patch
Patch by selenamarie on 2009-10-05: Updated patch
Review by rhaas on 2009-10-07: error_logging code should be split into multiple features, and other suggestions.
Returned with Feedback Emmanuel Cecchet Selena Deckelmann, Jeff Davis, Robert Haas 2009-10-07
Pgbench Shell command
Patch by michael-kun on 2009-09-18: patch version 4: error handling stuff added
Patch by michael-kun on 2009-09-24: setshell command feature added, which permits to load a parameter from a shell script output. Usefull for statistical models
Review by gsmith on 2009-10-08: Still needs a number of fixes, details in the message.
Returned with Feedback Michael Paquier Dan Colish, Gabrielle Roth, Greg Smith 2009-10-08
Buffer usage in EXPLAIN and pg_stat_statements
Patch by itagaki on 2009-10-04: Fix a bug and terminologies.
Review by tgl on 2009-10-13: Some questions ...
Comment by tgl on 2009-10-13: Labeling this as a contrib-module patch is 100% misleading, because all but a tiny fraction of it is touching the core. Moving to "Performance" for lack of a better topic.
Returned with Feedback Itagaki Takahiro Euler Taveira de Oliveira, Robert Haas 2009-10-14
Largeobject access controls
Patch by kaigai on 2009-10-07: Revised patch, according to Tom's comment
Patch by kaigai on 2009-10-12: Revised patch, due to the conflicts with CVS HEAD
Review by tgl on 2009-10-13: Still needs work :-(
Returned with Feedback KaiGai Kohei Jaime Casanova 2009-10-14

Rejected Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
2PC state files on shared memory
Patch by michael-kun on 2009-08-06: Initial version.
Review by heikki on 2009-09-14: This patch doesn't show enough performance gain to be worthwhile, at least not in its current form.
Rejected Michael Paquier Heikki Linnakangas 2009-09-14
treat word following AS keyword as label (depends on named notation patch)
Patch by steveprentice on 2009-09-10: Initial version.
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-13: I don't think this is the right approach.
Rejected Steve Prentice Robert Haas 2009-09-14
Function Call Hook
Comment by okbobcz on 2009-08-30: Jeff Davis comment
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-13: Not sure this is worth reviewing further.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-17: Marking rejected.
Rejected Pavel Stehule Nobody 2009-09-17
Comment by mha on 2009-09-14: Not sure that GUC is the best way to do this.
Review by rhaas on 2009-09-24: I think we should reject this patch.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-26: Marking rejected.
Rejected Itagaki Takahiro Robert Haas 2009-09-26
syslogger infrastructure changes
Comment by sfrost on 2009-09-18: Needs some amount of performance impact analysis, other suggestions made about maybe per-backend log files for queries (Itagaki), or architecture changes to do more in backends and less in logger process (Tom).
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-24: A few brief thoughts.
Comment by rhaas on 2009-09-26: Marking rejected.
Rejected Magnus Hagander, Josh Tolley Robert Haas 2009-09-26
Reworks for Access Controls
Patch by kaigai on 2009-10-14: Revised patch, source code comments and a few fixes
Comment by rhaas on 2009-10-14: Are any committers willing to look at this?
Review by rhaas on 2009-10-15: Tom Lane's review.
Rejected KaiGai Kohei Stephen Frost 2009-10-15