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CommitFest 2014-06 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 30, Returned with Feedback: 16, Rejected: 6. Total: 52.

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Committed Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Add links to release notes when referring to previous release notes
Patch by xocolatl on 2014-01-29: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2014-02-02: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/346/
Committed Vik Fearing Tom Lane 2014-02-12
improve the help message about psql -F
Patch by jov on 2014-02-01: Initial version.
Review by petere on 2014-04-16: should be expanded to cover similar options
Committed Jov Marti Raudsepp, Peter Eisentraut 2014-04-16
pgbench - use int64 instead of int to count transactions
Patch by fuzzycz on 2014-05-25: Initial version.
Comment by simon on 2014-06-22: Changed reviewer to Andres; suggest you commit that instead of me
Committed Tomas Vondra Andres Freund 2014-05-25
btree and hash opclasses for pg_lsn datatype
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-05-15: Initial version.
Committed Michael Paquier Andres Freund 2014-06-05
Non-recursive processing of AND/OR lists
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-07-16: Still under discussion at end of CF. Returned with Feedback
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2014-04-25: Updated patch. Includes the research that was requested earlier.
Patch by tgl on 2014-04-25: I think we should do it more like this.
Committed Gurjeet Singh Pavel Stehule, Robert Haas 2014-06-16
datistemplate of pg_database does not behave as per description in documentation
Patch by rajeevrastogi03 on 2014-03-27: Initial version.
Patch by rajeevrastogi03 on 2014-04-01: Revised patch with only documentation changes.
Committed Kumar Rajeev Rastogi MauMau 2014-06-18
Make Linux OOM-related code be controlled by a GUC parameter
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2014-06-10: Initial version.
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2014-06-12: New patch, which implements the agreed upon approach of using environment variables to control Postmaster-children's oom_score_adj value.
Committed Gurjeet Singh Tom Lane 2014-06-19
prohibit changing data_directory by Alter System
Patch by amitkapila on 2014-06-12: Initial version.
Review by ams on 2014-06-16: Wording tweaks; no need to exclude GUC_NOT_IN_SAMPLE
Patch by ams on 2014-06-17: Updated patch
Committed Amit Kapila Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-06-19
Behavior of catalog tables inside an SQL function
Patch by haribabu on 2014-04-07: Initial version.
Review by ams on 2014-06-16: Alternate wording suggested
Patch by haribabu on 2014-06-18: Updated patch
Committed Hari Babu Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-06-19
Memory leak in dblink
Patch by maumau on 2014-06-09: Initial version.
Patch by maumau on 2014-06-10: Removed memory context deletion from PG_CATCH() block
Committed MauMau Joe Conway, Tom Lane 2014-06-20
psql tab completion for DROP TRIGGER/RULE and ALTER TABLE ... DISABLE/ENABLE
Review by ibarwick on 2014-06-17: Looks generally OK, except "ALTER TABLE relation DISABLE TRIGGER <TAB>" displays internal triggers as well, which is probably undesirable.
Patch by kandreas on 2014-06-17: Version 2.
Comment by ibarwick on 2014-06-18: Looks good, can be marked for commit if no-one else sees any issues.
Committed Andreas Karlsson Ian Barwick 2014-06-23
Don't allow oids to be set on foreign tables
Patch by efujita on 2014-05-12: Initial version.
Review by efujita on 2014-05-12: Reviewed by Hadi.
Committed Etsuro Fujita Hadi Moshayedi 2014-06-24
window func subquery push downs
Review by xocolatl on 2014-06-21: for the most part ready to go, some more discussion needed about possible omissions
Patch by davidrowley on 2014-06-21: new patch fixes comments and removes some tests
Review by xocolatl on 2014-06-26: ready for committer
Committed David Rowley Vik Fearing 2014-06-28
Cluster name in 'ps' output
Patch by macdice on 2014-05-05: With documentation and suggested changes; two variants: v3-a with log_line_prefix support, v3-b without, while the jury is out on that
Review by ams on 2014-06-25: Patch with trivial revisions to fix drift and a cut-and-paste error
Patch by macdice on 2014-06-26: Patch to fix compiler warning
Committed Thomas Munro Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-06-29
avoiding tuple copying in btree index builds
Patch by rhaas on 2014-05-06: Initial version.
Review by amitkapila on 2014-06-10: The patch and performance data looks promising except for one
minor issue.
Patch by rhaas on 2014-06-16: updated patch; now helps with both hash and btree indexes
Committed Robert Haas Amit Kapila 2014-07-01
Allow empty targets in unaccent dictionaries
Review by ams on 2014-06-25: A few minor changes suggested; needs test cases
Patch by ams on 2014-06-29: Simplified patch as outlined in review; tested.
Patch by tgl on 2014-06-30: YA patch version, plus some questions that need answers.
Committed Mohammad Alhashash Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-07-01
SQL access to database attributes
Review by okbobcz on 2014-06-22: Code is ok, but there is issue about still supported "CONNECTION LIMIT"
Patch by xocolatl on 2014-06-26: in refactor patch, document that "connection limit" (with space) is deprecated but still accepted. no change to feature patch.
Comment by tgl on 2014-06-29: I'm not sold on changing the user-visible spelling of the CONNECTION LIMIT option.
Committed Vik Fearing Pavel Stehule 2014-07-02
Send transaction commit/rollback stats to the stats collector unconditionally.
Patch by singh.gurjeet on 2014-03-19: Initial version.
Review by kgrittn on 2014-06-29: Good idea; don't think the proposed patch works; alternative patch suggested.
Committed Gurjeet Singh Kevin Grittner 2014-07-02
PL/Python Composite Arrays
Patch by ebehn on 2014-04-07: Initial version.
Review by ams on 2014-06-29: Looks OK to me
Review by ams on 2014-07-01: Looks OK, extended patch proposed.
Committed Ed Behn Ronan Dunklau, Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-07-03
pg_dump reporing version of server & pg_dump as comments in the output
Patch by jing on 2014-03-19: Initial version.
Review by jeevan.chalke on 2014-06-17: Code changes looks good. Suggested few optional cosmetic changes.
Patch by jeevan.chalke on 2014-07-02: Revised patch submitted here.
Committed Jing WANG Jeevan Chalke 2014-07-07
Patch by rdunklau on 2014-07-03: New patch addressing latest concerns about the postgres_fdw part.
Review by michael-kun on 2014-07-03: Patch looks fine, marking it as ready for committer.
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-07-03: Btw, I found a couple of tiny issues in the patches, so I went ahead and updated them myself. This version should be used for the final review.
Committed Ronan Dunklau, Michael Paquier Michael Paquier, David Fetter 2014-07-10
psql - show only failed queries
Review by rajeevrastogi03 on 2014-06-30: Provided few comments.
Patch by okbobcz on 2014-06-30: fix mentioned issues
Review by masaofujii on 2014-07-09: Found the bug which psql fails to accept -b option.
Committed Pavel Stehule Kumar Rajeev Rastogi, Samrat Revagade, Abhijit Menon-Sen 2014-07-10
tab completion for set search_path TO
Patch by jjanes on 2014-05-03: Initial version (with patch this time)
Review by okbobcz on 2014-06-22: No objection
Patch by jjanes on 2014-07-02: Patch with consensus behavior to hide only toast and temp schemas.
Committed Jeff Janes Pavel Stehule 2014-07-12
Support --with-extra-version in MSVC scripts
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-05-27: Initial version.
Review by michael-kun on 2014-06-27: Review of v1, noticed that PG_VERSION is not updated
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-06-27: v2, with PG_VERSION updated correctly for MSVC builds.
Committed Michael Paquier Muhammad Asif Naeem 2014-07-12
Improve file versioning on Windows builds
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-06-21: v3: Corrected pgcrypto, conversion_procs have no pbs...
Review by nmisch on 2014-07-10: clean.bat needs an update; insufficient MinGW build changes
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-07-14: Patch corrected based on Noah's comments: cleanup added in clean.bat, MinGW stuff fixed, including support for MODULES.
Committed Michael Paquier MauMau 2014-07-14
Remove dependency on outdated wsock32.lib when compiling on Windows
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-06-19: v2: additional cleanup in several Makefiles of windows port
Comment by mha on 2014-07-15: Still needs testing on mingw
Comment by michael-kun on 2014-07-15: Additional tests on MinGW done... Vaguely recall doing that with v2 though...
Committed Michael Paquier MauMau 2014-07-15
Allow more join types to be removed
Patch by davidrowley on 2014-06-17: removes subselect left joins only
Patch by davidrowley on 2014-06-26: Updated patch to address Simon's comments
Patch by davidrowley on 2014-07-06: Patch to fix missing operator check
Committed David Rowley Simon Riggs 2014-07-16
pg_ctl always uses the same event source
Review by amitkapila on 2014-05-04: Few minor comments.
Patch by maumau on 2014-05-08: Improve doc, and remove compilation errors on Linux
Review by mha on 2014-07-15: Needs decision about location of parameters
Committed MauMau Amit Kapila 2014-07-17
gaussian distribution pgbench
Patch by calvin on 2014-07-23: include changes suggested in Robert Haas review of part A.
Patch by calvin on 2014-07-24: part B improved by Mitsumasa-san + minor editing
Patch by calvin on 2014-07-29: strict setrandom syntax check, from Robert Haas review
Committed Mitsumasa KONDO Fabien Coelho 2014-07-30
pg_receivexlog add synchronous mode
Patch by osamufuruya on 2014-07-31: Bug-fix specifying zero as "--status-interval"
Patch by osamufuruya on 2014-07-31: Improvement for the readability of source code.
Patch by masaofujii on 2014-08-06: Updated version of the patch
Committed Osamu Furuya Fujii Masao 2014-08-08

Returned with Feedback

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
heapify speedup
Patch by jgh on 2014-02-05: Initial version.
Patch by davidrowley on 2014-08-01: Working link to updated patch
Returned with Feedback Jeremy Harris Nobody 2014-04-11
slow startup due to LWLockAssign() spinlock
Patch by andresfreund on 2014-03-31: Initial version.
Comment by andresfreund on 2014-06-16: Simple approach not well liked - the proper way is to allocate the buffer manager lwlocks separately.
Returned with Feedback Andres Freund Nobody 2014-06-16
Extended Prefetching using Asynchronous IO
Patch by johnlumby on 2014-06-11: new version of patch based on git head of 140608
Review by masaofujii on 2014-06-20: Compilation error on MacOS.
Review by heikki on 2014-06-20: Broken design
Returned with Feedback Claudio Freire and John Lumby Nobody 2014-06-20
multibyte messages are displayed incorrectly on the client
Patch by maumau on 2013-12-26: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2014-01-11: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/296/
Patch by maumau on 2014-01-24: As a happy compromise, disable message localization only when the client encoding differs from the server one
Returned with Feedback MauMau Yugo Nagata 2014-06-23
Patch by rukhmeski on 2014-02-22: Initial version.
Patch by rukhmeski on 2014-03-12: Fix problems with concurrency and LIMIT.
Review by heikki on 2014-06-24: Amit pointed out that it doesn't work with inheritance.
Returned with Feedback Heikki Linnakangas 2014-06-24
Better partial index-only scans
Patch by pythonesque on 2014-03-16: Initial version.
Review by hasegeli on 2014-06-29: Thoughts about the options suggested by the author.
Review by tgl on 2014-06-30: A few thoughts about the issues raised by the author.
Returned with Feedback Joshua Yanovski Emre Hasegeli, Tom Lane 2014-07-01
Spread shared memory across NUMA memory nodes
Patch by kgrittn on 2014-06-08: Initial version.
Review by kaigai on 2014-06-26: What interaction is expected with automatic numa balancing feature in the recent Linux kernel?
Returned with Feedback Kevin Grittner KaiGai Kohei 2014-07-03
Allow NOT IN to use anti joins
Review by jeevan.chalke on 2014-07-09: Looks good to me. No issues found.
Comment by andresfreund on 2014-07-13: Not yet ready.
Comment by tgl on 2014-07-15: Closer but not ready yet.
Returned with Feedback David Rowley Jeevan Chalke 2014-07-15
X509v3 extension functions in sslinfo module
Review by kandreas on 2014-06-23: Nice feature but code and API needs some improvment.
Patch by dimv36 on 2014-07-18: Version 2.0
Review by michael-kun on 2014-07-18: Patch still needs a lot of work.
Returned with Feedback Dmitry Voronin Andreas Karlsson 2014-07-18
WAL format & API changes
Comment by michael-kun on 2014-06-27: Review of v1: several crashes reported, comments, etc.
Patch by michael-kun on 2014-07-03: Patch v2: fixes and review of exiting APIs
Review by michael-kun on 2014-07-03: Crash found in gin code, for WAL record creation.
Returned with Feedback Heikki Linnakangas Michael Paquier 2014-07-19
Lag & Lead Window Functions Can Ignore Nulls
Patch by njw45 on 2014-04-16: I've fixed the outstanding issues from my last review.
Review by jdavis on 2014-07-07: Also a WIP patch to show how I'm refactoring it.
Patch by jdavis on 2014-07-11: Still a few open issues and some refactoring to do.
Returned with Feedback Nick White, Troels Nielsen Jeff Davis, Álvaro Herrera 2014-07-22
Use unique index for longer pathkeys
Comment by amitkapila on 2014-07-21: some suggestions and questions related to patch.
Patch by horiguti on 2014-07-24: A bug fix, and reply to the comment.
Comment by horiguti on 2014-07-25: I drop this patch and try it reintegrate into another patch. So this patch is closed. Thank you.
Returned with Feedback Kyotaro Horiguchi Amit Kapila 2014-07-25
change alter user to be a true alias for alter role
Review by xocolatl on 2014-06-19: there's really not much to review here, it's a very simple patch.
Comment by tgl on 2014-06-19: I think this could be done better ...
Patch by jov on 2014-08-22: I make the v2 of the patch,use Tom's advice.

But I can't make ROLE and USER in the keyword list,it is hard to solve the
conflict,or rewrite many gram rules.
the problem is :

role_or_user : ROLE | USER;
xx_keyword:...| ROLE|...|USER..;

this two rules produce conflict.So in v2,I remove ROLE and USER from the
xx_keyword rule now.
Returned with Feedback Jov Vik Fearing 2014-08-05
"RETURNING PRIMARY KEY" syntax extension
Patch by ibarwick on 2014-06-09: Initial version.
Patch by ibarwick on 2014-06-26: Revised patch.
Review by rlathia on 2014-07-02: Shared the review points.
Returned with Feedback Ian Barwick Rushabh Lathia 2014-08-05
showing index update time on EXPLAIN
Patch by jcasanov on 2014-05-08: Initial version.
Review by haribabu on 2014-06-20: minor review comments
Returned with Feedback Jaime Casanova Hari Babu 2014-08-07
Buffer capture facility: check WAL replay consistency
Comment by horiguti on 2014-07-24: I'll mark this as 'Ready for Committer' if no comments from others in a few days.
Comment by horiguti on 2014-07-25: Mark as 'Ready for Committer'
Comment by michael-kun on 2014-08-15: Not sure that this is acceptable as-is.
Returned with Feedback Michael Paquier, Heikki Linnakangas Kyotaro Horiguchi 2014-08-15

Rejected Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
iff -> if
Patch by ads on 2014-04-15: Initial version.
Rejected Andreas Scherbaum Nobody 2014-04-16
Support to define multi variables in single PL/pgSQL line.
Patch by quan74 on 2014-06-13: Initial version.
Review by rhaas on 2014-06-17: consensus is to reject this patch
Rejected Quan Zongliang Nobody 2014-06-17
pgaudit extension
Patch by ibarwick on 2014-06-13: Initial version.
Comment by ams on 2014-06-24: Adding the contrib module as-is would make it difficult to move to an in-core auditing implementation in future.
Rejected Ian Barwick, Abhijit Menon-Sen Stephen Frost 2014-06-24
Autonomous Transaction
Patch by ams on 2014-06-18: Revised patch
Comment by okbobcz on 2014-06-26: regression test fails
Patch by rajeevrastogi03 on 2014-06-28: Revised patch.
Rejected Kumar Rajeev Rastogi Pavel Stehule 2014-06-30
pg_resetxlog to clear backup start/end locations
Patch by horiguti on 2014-06-13: Initial version.
Review by masaofujii on 2014-06-18: pg_resetxlog should reset backup locations by default?
Rejected Kyotaro Horiguchi Simon Riggs, Fujii Masao 2014-06-30
issue log message to suggest VACUUM FULL if a table is nearly empty
Patch by jing on 2014-03-25: Initial version.
Rejected Jing Wang Euler Taveira 2014-07-14