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CommitFest 2014-01 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 76, Returned with Feedback: 22, Rejected: 4. Total: 102.

Rejected Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Standalone synchronous master
Patch by rajeevrastogi03 on 2013-12-17: Initial version.
Rejected Kumar Rajeev Rastogi Nobody 2014-01-24
dropdb add kill client connections option
Review by masahikosawada on 2014-01-29: review
Comment by masaofujii on 2014-01-31: Robert is not particularly in favor of implementing this as client-side
Review by rhaas on 2014-01-31: should reject this approach
Rejected salahaldin juba Sawada Masahiko 2014-01-31
New option for pg_basebackup, to specify a different directory for pg_xlog
Patch by haribabu on 2013-12-12: Updated patch
Review by petere on 2014-01-28: review
Comment by masaofujii on 2014-01-31: Do we really need to address the problem under discussion?
Rejected Hari Babu, Firoz E V Peter Eisentraut 2014-02-15
disk space in pg_xlog increases during archive recovery
Comment by petere on 2014-01-11: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/297/
Review by andresfreund on 2014-02-01: Heikki (and Fujii, Andres) have doubts about the approach.
Patch by maumau on 2014-02-12: keep restored archive WAL only during standby recovery
Rejected MauMau Nobody 2014-02-15