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CommitFest 2013-11 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 42, Returned with Feedback: 31, Rejected: 9. Total: 82.

Committed Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Bug fix for timestamptz datatype (insert throws an error when year field len > 4 for timestamptz datatype)
Review by haribabu on 2013-09-18: Need to correct some other failures
Patch by rlathia on 2013-10-03: Need review
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-10-16: Moved to CF 2013-11
Committed Rushabh Lathia Adrian Klaver 2013-10-16
Cube extension point support
Review by heikki on 2013-09-16: Review
Patch by kelvich on 2013-09-24: compatibility fixed & kNN deleted
Comment by rhaas on 2013-10-09: ping
Committed Stas Kelvich, Alexander Korotkov Heikki Linnakangas 2013-10-21
Tab completion for updatable foreign tables and views
Review by samratr on 2013-10-14: Solves use case.
Review by rhaas on 2013-10-18: sounds like patch needs updating
Patch by deanr on 2013-10-19: Updated patch
Committed Bernd Helmle Dean Rasheed, Samrat Revagade 2013-10-23
simple LO API
Review by rlathia on 2013-09-19: Need confirmation about the documentation change.
Patch by maiku41 on 2013-09-19: New patch posted by Pavel Stehule. Added to CF
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-10-22: updated API per Noah Misch proposal
Committed Pavel Stehule Rushabh Lathia 2013-10-28
appendStringInfo to appendStringInfoString
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-10-02: Initial version.
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-10-30: Re-based version
Committed David Rowley Robert Haas 2013-10-31
unused variable on windows build
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-11-07: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2013-11-08: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/180/
Committed David Rowley Peter Eisentraut 2013-11-13
pg_dump column-inserts speedup
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-10-04: Initial version.
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-11-14: improved patch
Comment by petere on 2013-11-15: build unstable: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/208/
Committed David Rowley Nobody 2013-11-15
init_sequence spill to hash table
Comment by petere on 2013-11-14: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/189/
Comment by davidrowley on 2013-11-14: Benchmark results
Patch by davidrowley on 2013-11-15: new patch, no longer uses linked list
Committed David Rowley Heikki Linnakangas 2013-11-15
small memory leak in ParseConfigFile
Patch by did447 on 2013-09-24: Initial version.
Committed didier Merlin Moncure 2013-11-15
Improve code in tidbitmap.c
Patch by efujita on 2013-11-14: Initial version.
Committed Etsuro Fujita Nobody 2013-11-15
Numeric Aggregates Performance Improvement
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-09-05: rebase
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-09-23: more comments, small simplification based on Tomas Vondra review
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-09-25: updated version respected Robert Haas comments
Committed Hadi Moshayedi, Pavel Stehule Pavel Stehule, Tomas Vondra 2013-11-16
Fix limitation of SQL length in pgbench
Patch by masahikosawada on 2013-11-14: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2013-11-15: no actual patch attached
Patch by masahikosawada on 2013-11-15: Initial version.
Committed Sawada Masahiko Tom Lane 2013-11-16
simple date time constructors
Review by jeevan.chalke on 2013-09-18: Patch looks good to me. Updated a typo and aksed author to have quick glance before I submit it to committer.
Comment by jeevan.chalke on 2013-09-19: Please consider patch attched in this mail. (make_date_v4.patch)
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-10-12: introduced functions are marked as immutable
Committed Pavel Stehule Jeevan Chalke, Atri Sharma 2013-11-17
appendPQExpBuffer to appendPQExpBufferStr
Comment by markokr on 2013-11-17: Needs rebase.
Patch by markokr on 2013-11-18: appendPQExpBufferStr_v0.3.patch.gz
Comment by markokr on 2013-11-18: Looks fine.
Committed David Rowley Marko Kreen 2013-11-18
pset autocomplete add missing options
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-10-07: Initial version.
Review by ibarwick on 2013-11-17: 'fieldsep_zero' and 'recordsep_zero' were missing, I took the liberty of revising the patch to include these.
Committed Pavel Stehule Ian Barwick 2013-11-19
ecpg: Split off mmfatal() from mmerror()
Patch by petere on 2013-11-13: Initial version.
Comment by petere on 2013-11-14: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/187/
Review by heikki on 2013-11-18: Michael Meskes thinks it's OK.
Committed Peter Eisentraut Nobody 2013-11-20
Spinlock free variant of RecoveryInProgress()
Patch by merlinm on 2013-09-27: Initial version.
Comment by merlinm on 2013-09-27: Patch purports to fix observed performance issue of high spinlock contention in the wild. See upthread for details...
Patch by merlinm on 2013-09-27: simplified version of patch (based on idea of Andres Freund)
Committed Merlin Moncure Heikki Linnakangas 2013-11-22
UNNEST with multiple args, and TABLE with multiple functions
Patch by rhodiumtoad on 2013-10-08: Updated full patch with Heikki's changes and my revisions of them
Patch by tgl on 2013-11-18: Rebased patch
Comment by petere on 2013-11-27: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/234/
Committed Andrew Gierth Zoltán Böszörményi, Heikki Linnakangas 2013-11-22
local_preload_libraries logspam reduction
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2013-10-20: Initial version.
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-11-22: Sent reminder to reviewer.
Committed Peter Geoghegan Pavel Stěhule 2013-11-24
segfault with contrib lo
Patch by marco44 on 2013-10-08: Initial version.
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-11-22: Send reminder to reviewer.
Review by masahikosawada on 2013-11-23: patch works fine
Committed Marc Cousin Sawada Masahiko 2013-11-24
PL/Python: domain over array support
Review by markokr on 2013-11-22: Python 3 regtests
Patch by rcampero on 2013-11-23: Patch v3, includes modifications to plpython_types_3.out (Python 3 regtests).
Review by markokr on 2013-11-24: Seems ready.
Committed Rodolfo Campero Marko Kreen 2013-11-26
information schema parameter_default implementation
Comment by petere on 2013-11-16: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/219/
Patch by petere on 2013-11-20: updated patch
Comment by rcampero on 2013-11-22: I had to apply "fromdos" to remove trailing whitespace; other than that it works as advertised.
Committed Peter Eisentraut Rodolfo Campero 2013-11-27
Get rid of GIN post-recovery cleanup routine
Review by michael-kun on 2013-11-20: Some high-level comments about patch 4. Crash found for CREATE INDEX.
Patch by heikki on 2013-11-21: New patch version
Review by michael-kun on 2013-11-22: Review of latest version. Nice read btw...
Committed Heikki Linnakangas Michael Paquier 2013-11-27
ECPG fixes
Patch by zboszor on 2013-11-20: Initial version.
Committed Zoltán Böszörményi Michael Meskes 2013-11-27
PostgreSQL service does not start on windows
Patch by tgl on 2013-11-24: Improved patch to address buffer-overrun risks as well as the original complaint.
Comment by rajeevrastogi03 on 2013-11-26: Works fine as per patch description but observed one existing issue.
Comment by petere on 2013-11-27: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/246/
Committed Naoya Anzai, Tom Lane Kumar Rajeev Rastogi 2013-11-29
Report exit code from external recovery commands properly
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2013-11-14: Thoughts on documented these return codes better
Patch by petere on 2013-11-27: additional patch
Comment by pgeoghegan on 2013-12-01: Thoughts on documentation changes.
Committed Peter Eisentraut Peter Geoghegan 2013-12-03
SSL: prefer server cipher order
Comment by aklaver on 2013-11-16: Posted review in the thread referenced above.
Comment by markokr on 2013-11-16: test scenarios
Comment by petere on 2013-11-17: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/226/
Committed Marko Kreen Adrian Klaver 2013-12-07
SSL: Support ECDH key exchange
Comment by markokr on 2013-11-16: test scenarios
Comment by aklaver on 2013-11-16: Reviewed along with patches below:

SSL: better default ciphersuite
SSL: prefer server cipher order
Comment by petere on 2013-11-17: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/227/
Committed Marko Kreen Adrian Klaver 2013-12-07
Patch by samthakur74 on 2013-11-18: Addressed review comments.
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2013-11-24: Cleaned up patch, and some thoughts on how this will facilitate future development
Comment by petere on 2013-11-27: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/245/
Committed Daniel Farina, Sameer Thakur Fujii Masao, Peter Geoghegan 2013-12-08
Extend createuser to associate a new role with other roles
Comment by petere on 2013-11-20: needs rebase
Review by amitkapila on 2013-11-20: behavior inconsistency in new option for role names that contain special characters.
Patch by amitkapila on 2013-12-10: patch implementing multiple -g options. All review comments/suggestions are fixed.
Committed Christopher Browne Amit Kapila, Sameer Thakur 2013-12-11
Regress tests to improve the function coverage of schemacmds, user and tablespace files
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-11-22: Send reminder to reviewer
Review by davidrowley on 2013-11-23: Looks ready and worthwhile
Comment by davidrowley on 2013-11-24: Regression benchmark results with and without patch
Committed Hari Babu David Rowley 2013-12-11
Time-Delayed Standbys
Patch by fabriziomello on 2013-12-06: Patch with review made by Simon Riggs
Patch by fabriziomello on 2013-12-06: Patch with review made by Robert Haas
Comment by petere on 2013-12-11: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/280/
Committed Fabrízio de Royes Mello Mitsumasa KONDO, Jaime Casanova 2013-12-12
Patch by pgeoghegan on 2013-11-19: Minor stylistic adjustments
Review by nheron on 2013-11-20: Review posted
Comment by petere on 2013-11-27: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/238/
Committed Peter Geoghegan Nigel Heron 2013-12-12
TODO: Split out pg_resetxlog output into pre- and post-sections
Patch by rajeevrastogi03 on 2013-11-28: Revised patch
Patch by amitkapila on 2013-11-29: some changes in docs and comments. V5 patch is fine from myside.
Comment by petere on 2013-11-29: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/250/
Committed Kumar Rajeev Rastogi Amit Kapila 2013-12-12
Completing PL support for Event Triggers
Patch by dim on 2013-09-13: Initial version.
Review by maiku41 on 2013-10-09: Reviewed by Peter Eisentraut
Comment by maiku41 on 2013-10-16: Moved to CF 2013-11
Committed Dimitri Fontaine Peter Eisentraut 2013-12-12
Logging WAL when updating hintbit
Comment by petere on 2013-12-11: build OK: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/276/
Review by dilip.kumar on 2013-12-13: Patch need rebase and some comments..
Patch by masahikosawada on 2013-12-13: v7. Revised based on Dilip comment.
Committed Sawada Masahiko, Samrat Revagade Dilip Kumar 2013-12-13
extra version infromation
Review by petere on 2013-11-19: some questions about format
Patch by michael-kun on 2013-11-20: Updated version with new indentation of new option.
Review by michael-kun on 2013-11-20: Picky comments about the patch format in general... Should include configure output as well in the patch?
Committed Oskari Saarenmaa Peter Eisentraut, Michael Paquier 2013-12-13
SQL Command to edit postgresql.conf ("ALTER SYSTEM" patch)
Comment by petere on 2013-11-15: build failed: http://pgci.eisentraut.org/jenkins/job/postgresql_commitfest_world/196/
Review by haribabu on 2013-11-16: review comments
Patch by amitkapila on 2013-11-18: Fixed review comments raised by Hari babu.
Committed Amit Kapila Hari Babu 2013-12-18
Comment by petere on 2013-11-18: patch doesn't apply
Patch by glaucous on 2013-11-21: merge conflicts removed
Review by glaucous on 2013-11-21: functional review
Committed Atri Sharma, Andrew Gierth Pavel Stehule, Vik Fearing 2013-12-23
shared memory message queues
Comment by petere on 2013-11-06: patch doesn't apply (anymore?)
Comment by petere on 2013-11-17: updated part of the patch
Review by kaigai on 2013-11-19: basic test and comments on #1 and #2 portion.
Committed Robert Haas KaiGai Kohei 2014-01-14
ECPG infrastructure changes needed by the readahead patch
Patch by zboszor on 2013-12-04: Fixed the whitespace "git apply" complains about.
Patch by zboszor on 2013-12-06: Clarified a regression test and other small fixes.
Review by a.houska on 2013-12-09: Reviewed. I see no more issues.
Committed Zoltán Böszörményi Antonin Houska 2014-01-16
fault tolerant DROP IF EXISTS
Review by deanr on 2013-12-05: Further review - suggestion to improve NOTICEs when TYPEs don't exist
Patch by okbobcz on 2013-12-08: minor enhanced by proposition in review
Patch by deanr on 2013-12-08: Fix corner-case --- OPERATOR type name may be NONE (NULL).
Committed Pavel Stehule Dean Rasheed 2014-01-23