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CommitFest 2013-01 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Committed: 70, Returned with Feedback: 14, Rejected: 4. Total: 88.

Returned with Feedback

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Event Triggers: adding information
Patch by andresfreund on 2013-01-15: Initial version.
Patch by andresfreund on 2013-01-15: Cleanup Patch from Alvaro
Comment by andresfreund on 2013-01-18: Tracked as "Patch: Event Triggers: Passing Information to User Functions"
Returned with Feedback Dimitri Fontaine Alvaro Herrera 2013-01-18
remove some hardcoded superuser checks from functions
Patch by petere on 2013-01-15: Initial version.
Comment by heikki on 2013-01-23: tgl pointed out that there's no pg_dump support for privileges GRANTed to system functions. That kills this proposal in its current form. Marking as "returned with feedback"
Returned with Feedback Peter Eisentraut Nobody 2013-01-23
information schema parameter_default implementation
Patch by ams on 2013-01-14: Initial version.
Review by ali on 2013-01-31: Bug Reported + Some other suggestions.
Returned with Feedback Peter Eisentraut Ali Dar 2013-01-31
lazy_vacuum_heap()'s removal of HEAPTUPLE_DEAD tuples
Comment by pavan on 2013-01-29: The patch is bit-rotten. Please post an updated version
Patch by nmisch on 2013-01-30: v3 - rebase
Review by nmisch on 2013-02-04: Problems and questions
Returned with Feedback Noah Misch Pavan Deolasee 2013-02-04
Store additional information in GIN index
Review by fuzzycz on 2012-12-06: Several rounds of testing, initial performance tests etc. The patch works without fatal issues (segfaults) yet the performance seems to be worse than with the current GIN layout.
Comment by ringerc on 2013-03-03: Needs bouncing, either as RWC or rejected; queried.
Comment by ringerc on 2013-03-04: Returned with feedback per author summary in linked message.
Returned with Feedback Alexander Korotkov, Oleg Bartunov Tomas Vondra 2013-03-04
--echo-hidden is not supported by \sf statements
Comment by okbobcz on 2013-01-24: Updated patch
Review by schmiddy on 2013-02-20: v2 patch ready for commit.
Comment by okbobcz on 2013-02-22: possible fault tolerant functionality can be done in near future.
Returned with Feedback Pavel Stehule Josh Kupershmidt, Stephen Frost 2013-03-05
find libxml2 using pkg-config
Patch by petere on 2013-02-01: updated patch
Review by nmisch on 2013-03-01: I'd rather not add yet another distinct configuration discovery method unless the overall effect is to notably simplify things for certain builders. I don't find that to be the case here.
Comment by tgl on 2013-03-24: Patch withdrawn by author, at least for the time being.
Returned with Feedback Peter Eisentraut Noah Misch 2013-03-24
replace plugins directory with GUC
Patch by petere on 2013-01-15: Initial version.
Review by kaigai on 2013-01-25: Is hardwired "$libdir/plugins/" still needed? How about capability stuff to allow unprivileged user to load modules?
Comment by tgl on 2013-03-29: Patch withdrawn by author
Returned with Feedback Peter Eisentraut KaiGai Kohei 2013-03-29
Comment by johto on 2013-02-26: I guess this is a ping more than anything else..
Comment by aglio on 2013-03-03: Syntax of feature currently under discussion
Comment by ringerc on 2013-03-04: Looks like this probably needs to be bumped to the next CF
Returned with Feedback Marko Tiikkaja Peter Eisentraut 2013-03-29
Check file parameters to psql before prompt for password
Patch by bellhead on 2012-12-09: Initial version.
Comment by simon on 2013-01-09: Changes requested by 2 reviewers on patch thread
Comment by aglio on 2013-03-03: Reminder sent to author.
Returned with Feedback Alastair Turner Stephen Frost, Josh Kupershmidt 2013-04-04
allowing privileges on untrusted languages
Patch by petere on 2013-01-14: Initial version.
Comment by kaigai on 2013-01-19: Does it make sense to port idea of capabilities on operating system?
Comment by tgl on 2013-04-11: The pg_dump-doesn't-save-permissions-on-extension-member-objects problem really kills this in its current form.
Returned with Feedback Peter Eisentraut KaiGai Kohei 2013-04-11
pg_retainxlog for contrib
Patch by mha on 2013-01-14: Initial version.
Comment by tgl on 2013-04-11: Peter and Andres, for two, think this approach is insufficiently reliable.
Returned with Feedback Magnus Hagander Peter Eisentraut 2013-04-11
pg_stat_statements: query, session, and eviction identification
Comment by fdr on 2013-01-03: Changed the title to be more indicative of features in the later patches.
Review by heikki on 2013-03-26: Needs docs
Comment by fdr on 2013-04-11: I think I may withdraw this for this release if nobody is too keen on getting this in earlier; I'd like to do a bit more mulling.
Returned with Feedback Daniel Farina Peter Geoghegan 2013-04-11
User control over psql's error stream
Review by bellhead on 2012-12-09: Submission Review, suggested changes to presented interface and code design.
Comment by kop on 2012-12-10: Requested feedback from reviewer regarding interface design.
Comment by ringerc on 2013-01-18: Design discussion (bellhead)
Returned with Feedback Karl O. Pinc Alastair Turner 2013-04-11