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CommitFest 2012-11 (Closed)

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Status Summary. Needs Review: 1, Committed: 25, Returned with Feedback: 13, Rejected: 4. Total: 43.

Rejected Patches

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Always include encoding of database in pg_dumpall
Patch by jeremyevans on 2012-10-19: Initial version.
Rejected Jeremy Evans Nobody 2012-11-12
Patch by glaucous on 2012-11-09: Initial version.
Review by johto on 2012-11-20: Looks good to me
Rejected Vik Reykja Marko Tiikkaja 2012-12-05
Make libpq robust against messages in the openssl error queue
Patch by larskanis on 2012-10-25: Initial version.
Comment by larskanis on 2012-11-12: Further comments to question from Robert Haas.
Review by andresfreund on 2012-12-08: Tom doesn't think clearing up the error queue is libpq's job.
Rejected Lars Kanis Nobody 2012-12-08
allow assignment-casts to be used for signature matching when no overloading is in use
Patch by rhaas on 2012-11-13: Initial version.
Comment by wieck on 2012-12-09: Question about possible unwanted side effects
Comment by jdavis on 2012-12-14: Consensus on design not reached.
Rejected Robert Haas Nobody 2012-12-14