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CommitFest 2011-06 (Closed)

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Returned with Feedback

Patch Name Status Author Reviewers Date Closed
Expanding "a like any(array[1,2...])" into "a like 1 or a like 2"
Patch by chetan on 2011-06-02: Initial version.
Review by heikki on 2011-06-06: Has issues with multiple evaluation
Returned with Feedback Chetan Suttraway Heikki Linnakangas 2011-06-06
Prefered Types
Review by rhaas on 2011-06-06: Some concerns from Tom Lane.
Review by rhaas on 2011-06-06: Some concerns from Alvaro Herrera.
Comment by gatt on 2011-06-13: Please tell me, what must I do?
I see what you don`t know why. I can tell what i use this feature now, because i need call function without overloads use assign cast rules. First my step was using implicit casts... after it i have problems with too many implicit casts without priority and i try resolve this problem. that`s all.
The best will be calling single functions(without overloads) use assign cast rules. i don`t try to do this.
Using casts priority you will get more complicated system and no more, it will be more complicated than typeisprefered.
I can change some problems in patch, but i think problem not in patch, problem in heads... As long as you cant choose best way to resolve this problems class i can just wait... May be this problem class has no one solution, as you want think..?

After few days thinking...
1. Overload functions must marked as OVERLOAD (or for commpatibility for functions without overload like SINGLE)
2. Functions without overloading must use Assign cast rules
3. Overload functions can work like now (but more TRUEst solution will be type equal)
Returned with Feedback Zotov <zotov@oe-it.ru> Nobody 2011-06-06
Binary in/out for aclitem
Patch by rsmogura on 2011-02-23: Initial version.
Review by rhaas on 2011-06-06: Patch needs to add binary in/out for all standard types, not just fix one at a time.
Returned with Feedback Radosław Smogura Nobody 2011-06-06
Buffer Cache Hibernation
Comment by c2main on 2011-05-31: the patch need to be send by mail to postgresql-hackers mailling list
Patch by iwasaki on 2011-06-05: This is the final version from me.
Review by gsmith on 2011-06-07: Suggestions for GUC renaming, code adjustment, making file access less tied to cache internals. Downstream comments suggest an extension may be a more appropriate way to code this too.
Returned with Feedback Mitsuru IWASAKI Greg Smith 2011-06-09
Comment by kgrittn on 2011-01-28: Initial discussion.
Review by fgp on 2011-06-10: Reviewed patch and rebased onto HEAD. Depth tracking should IMHO be decoupled from subtransaction enter/exit.
Comment by kgrittn on 2011-06-10: Flagging RwF to leave time for SSI. Will pick up from Florian's review.
Returned with Feedback Kevin Grittner Florian Pflug 2011-06-10
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-02-22: Initial version.
Patch by kgrittn on 2011-02-23: v2 - use syscache; fix error messages
Comment by kgrittn on 2011-06-10: Marking RwF to free time for any SSI work. Will resubmit as an extension in a later CF.
Returned with Feedback Kevin Grittner Dimitri Fontaine 2011-06-10
POSIX shared memory
Patch by agentm on 2011-04-12: Initial version.
Review by heikki on 2011-06-16: Bitrotted. Locking changes need to be splitted out
Returned with Feedback agentm Heikki Linnakangas 2011-06-16
Fix nested CASE-WHEN
Patch by heikki on 2011-06-08: Initial version.
Comment by okbobcz on 2011-06-16: there is bug when nested CASE statement was used

ERROR: invalid expression parameter reference (1 levels up, while
stack is only 1 elements deep)
Comment by okbobcz on 2011-06-27: This patch was taken back
Returned with Feedback Heikki Linnakangas Pavel Stehule 2011-06-27
hint bit i/o reduction cache
Patch by merlinm on 2011-05-13: Initial version.
Comment by merlinm on 2011-05-13: The original idea for the cache. Note Tom Lane's objection downthread.
Review by merlinm on 2011-07-05: Review/commentary by rhaas. In short: approach has potential but needs work.
Returned with Feedback Merlin Moncure Simon Riggs, Robert Haas 2011-07-05
Patch by fabien on 2011-05-27: Initial version.
Comment by direvus on 2011-06-17: Patch doesn't apply, plus some commentary.
Returned with Feedback Fabien Brendan Jurd 2011-07-05
Cache estimates & cache access cost - WIP
Patch by gsmith on 2011-05-26: Initial version.
Patch by c2main on 2011-06-14: Updated patch, include GUC, pg_class and ANALYZE OSCACHE changes, not the plugin.
Review by rhaas on 2011-06-14: objections
Returned with Feedback Cédric Villemain Greg Smith 2011-07-06
Parameterized aggregate subquery
Patch by umitanuki on 2011-06-17: Revised with a few editorial changes. Nothing new.
Review by yhavinga on 2011-06-29: Some comments about the patch and a test that resulted in the error: plan should not reference subplan's variable
Patch by umitanuki on 2011-07-02: Fix error, and improve comments.
Returned with Feedback Hitoshi Harada Yeb Havinga 2011-07-08
Time-Delayed Standbys
Patch by rhaas on 2011-06-29: v2.
Comment by MasaoFujii on 2011-06-30: Another comments.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-07-09: needs more work
Returned with Feedback Robert Haas Simon Riggs, Fujii Masao 2011-07-09
New Timeline for PITR
Patch by dfetter on 2011-06-15: Initial version.
Comment by jcasanov on 2011-06-27: After some comments from Josh, Heikki, Robert, Tom and others. Author decided to make a new version
Returned with Feedback David Fetter Jaime Casanova 2011-07-09
add GiST support for BOX @> POINT queries
Comment by rhaas on 2011-06-14: Ping.
Patch by umitanuki on 2011-06-20: Ask about adding new function.
Comment by umitanuki on 2011-06-20: Additional comment. Old design that wants to modify original function would be ok. Why not considering circle and polygon.
Returned with Feedback Andrew Tipton Hitoshi Harada 2011-07-09
Core Extensions relocation
Patch by gsmith on 2011-06-09: Initial version.
Review by gsmith on 2011-06-16: Need to refresh makefiles
Comment by rhaas on 2011-07-05: Ping.
Returned with Feedback Greg Smith Josh Berkus 2011-07-09
DROP Reworks Part.1 - Consolidate routines to handle DropStmt
Review by rhaas on 2011-07-06: Some suggested changes.
Patch by kaigai on 2011-07-08: Revised patch according to the suggestion (v3)
Review by rhaas on 2011-07-09: Have a plan, but not enough time to implement it in this CF.
Returned with Feedback KaiGai Kohei Robert Haas 2011-07-09
Fast GiST Index Build (WIP)
Patch by smagen on 2011-06-21: New version of patch
Patch by smagen on 2011-07-01: New version of patch. New options, comments, bug fixes.
Comment by rhaas on 2011-07-09: still WIP, marking Returned with Feedback
Returned with Feedback Alexander Korotkov Heikki Linnakangas 2011-07-09
Fix leaky-views, part1
Review by nmisch on 2011-07-07: Needs more future-proofing
Patch by nmisch on 2011-07-10: v6
Review by nmisch on 2011-07-10: Ready for committer as far as this part goes, but shall we return with feedback and merge into the part 2 patch?
Returned with Feedback KaiGai Kohei Noah Misch 2011-07-10
Fix leaky-views, part2
Patch by kaigai on 2011-06-06: Initial version.
Patch by kaigai on 2011-07-03: Syntax support got separated. Also see the part-1 thread.
Review by nmisch on 2011-07-07: Criteria for identifying leakproof functions must change
Returned with Feedback KaiGai Kohei Noah Misch 2011-07-11
PITR using backup history file
Patch by Jun Ishizuka on 2011-07-08: v3 patch
Review by ssinger on 2011-07-10: Review of updated patch.
A few questions for the author.
Comment by Jun Ishizuka on 2011-07-12: Change "Returned with feedback"
Returned with Feedback Jun Ishizuka Steve Singer, Fujii Masao 2011-07-12
Allow pg_archivecleanup to ignore extensions
Patch by gsmith on 2011-04-07: Initial version.
Comment by aglio on 2011-07-14: Simon claims to have reviewed the patch, but I cannot find any review in the archives. No response from patch authors. Returing.
Returned with Feedback Jaime Casanova, Greg Smith Simon Riggs 2011-07-14
Add json contrib module
Comment by aglio on 2011-07-07: Joey will provide updated patch soon.
Comment by aglio on 2011-07-14: Still waiting for new patch version.
Patch by joeyadams on 2011-07-15: Addressed issues discussed in review, but have questions about Unicode handling.
Returned with Feedback Joey Adams Bernd Helmle 2011-07-14
Patch by sfrost on 2011-02-15: Initial version.
Review by alexhunsaker on 2011-07-09: new patch, still a few questions
Returned with Feedback Stephen Frost Alex Hunsaker 2011-07-15
Patch by ssinger on 2011-06-21: Updated patch sent in by Pavel
Comment by ssinger on 2011-06-21: The updated patch addresses the issues from the review.
Review by tgl on 2011-07-15: I think this needs to hew a lot more closely to the SQL standard.
Returned with Feedback Pavel Stěhule Steve Singer 2011-07-15
libpq SSL with non-blocking sockets (WIP)
Patch by ssinger on 2011-07-03: Updated patch from Martin
Review by ssinger on 2011-07-03: This version of the patch looks good
Review by tgl on 2011-07-15: Still needs considerable work: doesn't handle low-memory situations sanely, and covers only one of three places where we are at risk.
Returned with Feedback Martin Pihlak Steve Singer 2011-07-15
pg_comments system view
Patch by kaigai on 2011-06-19: The v5 patch
Patch by schmiddy on 2011-07-08: v6 patch, included is_system column to pg_comments
Review by rhaas on 2011-07-18: is_system columns seems too psql-specific
Returned with Feedback Robert Haas, Josh Kupershmidt KaiGai Kohei 2011-07-18
Show all errors in postgresql.conf instead of only the first one
Comment by tgl on 2011-07-16: I think we should take another look at what behavior we actually want overall.
Patch by tgl on 2011-07-19: This is Alvaro's V3, which for some reason he didn't add to the CF entry.
Comment by alvherre on 2011-07-19: Alexey is going to rework per Tom's comments above. I'm going to mark it as returned with feedback.
Returned with Feedback Alexey Klyukin Florian Pflug, Alvaro Herrera 2011-07-19
sepgsql - userspace access vector cache
Patch by kaigai on 2011-07-14: The latest version (v4)
Review by yhavinga on 2011-07-20: Some minor remarks, nothing serious, great improvement in performance.
Review by rhaas on 2011-07-20: Syscache memory usage and initialization cost seem problematic; still need to review UAVC portion of patch.
Returned with Feedback KaiGai Kohei Yeb Havinga 2011-07-20