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If you have submitted a patch to pgsql-hackers and want it to be reviewed, you should add it to the Open CommitFest (Activity Log). If you want to help with the reviewing process for the CommitFest that's currently taking place (if any), please visit the CommitFest In Progress (Activity Log). These links are stable and always reference the open or in progress CommitFest, respectively, provided such a CommitFest exists. (If there is no CommitFest in progress, the CommitFest In Progress link will reference the Open CommitFest instead.) There is also a stable link for the Previous CommitFest (Activity Log), meaning the most recent one that is now marked Closed. Upcoming CommitFests (other than the one to which patches should be submitted) are marked as Future.

CommitFest Name Status
2015-02 Open
2014-12 In Progress
2014-10 Closed
2014-08 Closed
2014-06 Closed
2014-01 Closed
2013-11 Closed
2013-09 Closed
2013-06 Closed
2013-01 Closed
2012-11 Closed
2012-09 Closed
2012-06 Closed
2012-01 Closed
2011-11 Closed
2011-09 Closed
2011-06 Closed
2011-01 Closed
2010-11 Closed
2010-09 Closed
2010-07 Closed
2010-01 Closed
2009-11 Closed
2009-09 Closed
2009-07 Closed